| May 11, 2010

Last updated: November 26, 2017


Introducing The AoM Library of Random Man Knowledge

One thing I’ve noticed about us men is that we love to collect short bits of trivia, facts, and life tips. I have friends who can spout off the World Series Champions going back 50 years and others who can recite long quotes by some dead guy from memory. Then there are the men who know thousands of short tips and pointers on how to do stuff quickly and more effectively. They know where to cast your fishing line in the water or how to tell a good joke. My grandpa comes to mind as a man with this sort of knowledge.

Unfortunately, not all of us know some crusty old man who can pass down those quick bits of man wisdom to us. So I thought it would be cool to create a virtual library filled with manly knowledge where men can come and soak up some manly wisdom. Today I’d like to announce the opening the AoM Library of Random Man Knowledge. Not since the Library at Alexandria or the Library of Congress has there been a library as epic as this one.

How It Works

It’s pretty simple. On every page, you’ll see a card with a short (and, of course manly) tip, quote, or bit of trivia. Below the tip you’ll see a button that says, “Give Me More!” Click it and you’ll be randomly taken to a  new card filled with some more man knowledge. Hence the name “Library of Random Man Knowledge.” Once you’ve digested that bit, you can ask for another random bit of man knowledge. And so on until your brain devours the entire library….

Help the Library of Random Man Knowledge Grow

That is if you actually get to the end of the library. What’s awesome about the Library of Random Man Knowledge is that it will never stop growing. Why? Because YOU can add to the deep reservoir of man knowledge. Simply click on “Add to Library” and make your contribution. Consider your submission as an endowment to this virtual temple of manly learning. Just like an endowment at a real library, your name and hometown will be included with the submission so that posterity may see your contribution to the betterment of men.

What sort of stuff are we looking for in the Library of Random Man Knowledge? I guess it falls into three big categories:

1) Quick, manly tips. You know, those little secrets you picked up from your grandpa or in the Navy. Tips like how to pack a powerful punch, how to navigate without a compass, or how to know when your steak is medium-rare just by touching it. It could even be tips on money, health, and relationships. Just make sure it’s short, useful, and manly.

2) Inspiring manly quotes. We all have a few favorite quotes that inspire us to be better men. If you know one that’s helped you out, share it with us.

3) Manly trivia. This is the fun stuff. It’s information you pull out at a bar or at cocktail parties for small talk. We’re looking for things like Steve McQueen’s favorite beer (Old Milwaukee) or the story of how TR got shot in the chest and went on to give a 90 minute speech before going to the hospital.

We will be exercising editorial discretion on the submissions. If your submission is offensive, spammy, a duplicate, or just lame, we won’t publish it, so if you want to see your name etched in stone, make sure to provide high-quality content.

Right now the Library of Random Man Knowledge has about 100 cards in it. It needs more. Way more. By the end of the month, I’d like to see that number up to at least 1,000. I think we can do it. No. I know we can do it.

With that, I cut the ribbon to the Library of Random Man Knowledge and welcome all to draw from and contribute to its pool of collective man wisdom.

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