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February 10, 2014 Last updated: April 25, 2019

How to Support and Follow the Art of Manliness


Are you someone who visits the Art of Manliness multiple times a day, checking to see if we’ve published anything new?

Do you appreciate the free, top-notch content the Art of Manliness offers and wonder what you can do to help support the site?

Well then, this post is for you!

We thought it would be a good idea to put together a post on the different ways you can follow and support AoM for those folks who may be new to the site, or who simply aren’t aware of the various options for keeping up with our content.

Below you’ll find a list of social media channels you can use to follow the Art of Manliness. The advantage of following us on one of these networks is that you’ll get regular updates when we publish new content, instead of having to continually refresh our home page throughout the day. Plus, besides sharing our own content on these channels, we share content that might be of interest to an AoM Man as well. We also use a few social networks to interact with readers as well as to host giveaways you won’t find on the main site.

Besides facilitating your cyber dose of manliness, following AoM is the best way to support the site! Anytime you see an AoM post pop-up in your feed that you think is interesting, please share it with your friends and family by liking, plus-ing, retweeting, or emailing it. The more the manlier. We are incredibly grateful to those readers who spread our content far and wide. These evangelists of manliness help keep the site going while sharing the good word of character, competence, and maturity to a world in need of these virtues.



Keep up with our new content while discovering gems from the past you might have missed by following us on Facebook.

We update Facebook generally twice per day — once with a popular article from the archives, and once with new content we’ve published that day or the day before. We also sometimes offer exclusive content to our Facebook subscribers, like our sandwich cookbook from last April’s sandwich project. If you want to be sure you get all our updates in your news feed, be sure to use the “Get Notifications” option.


Screenshot 2014-02-03 09.10.52

We’re relatively new to the Google+ community, but we’re growing and share both archived AoM articles as well as new articles as they’re published. We also have added the Google +1 button in our mix of share buttons (you’ll see those off to the left side of articles). Please use it with gusto if you’re a fan of Google+. The more +1’s a post gets, the higher it will appear in Google’s search results — which is of course huge in helping people find AoM.

We’re also looking for ways to utilize Google+’s Hangout feature this year for webinars or Q&As with AoM writers and experts. Got any topics that you’d like to see covered?


AoM twitter

Got a quick question or comment? I try to answer as many tweets as I can.

We tweet at least a few times per day, sharing links to both our own content as well as other interesting articles we read throughout the day and think our followers might want to check out. We also interact with our followers on this platform more than most others as well as hosting impromptu giveaways — so give us a follow on Twitter!


AoM YouTube

Our most popular video so far? How to Whistle With Your Fingers!

We’re really excited about what our YouTube channel has to offer our readers. Last year, we made it a goal to produce more videos, and we averaged right about one per week. We also had special week-long series such as The Art of Grilling and Turkey Week. We do a combination of turning popular old articles into videos (such as safety razor shaving and how to whistle) as well as all-new content just for YouTube. If you want to watch videos as soon as they’re posted, subscribe to our channel. And if you like one of our videos, we’d love for you to give it a thumbs up!


AoM Instagram

Our Instragram account offers some images of what’s behind the scenes at AoM. From some of our favorite books and products (this feed is not sponsored — I just like to capture cool things that cross my desk), to scenes from our office and backyard, and even a weekly photo contest in which you snap a shot of your AoM gear in action for a chance to win a $20 credit to the AoM store.


Screenshot 2014-02-03 09.31.52

The AoM Manly Stuff Board: Bringing a dose of testosterone to Pinterest since 2013.

Yes, AoM is even on Pinterest. While predominantly lady-focused, Pinterest does have some manly residents. We have a single board, “Manly Stuff,” where we pin our own articles, but also a whole bunch of uber-manly stuff from cool vintage images, manly gear, and the most masculine foods and recipes you can imagine.


AoM Tumblr

For all you whipper-snappers.

We hear the young folk are all about Tumblr these days (do young folk still say “all about”?), so we’re on there, too. On our Tumblr account you’ll find links to newly published articles as well as popular articles from our archives. We also re-post cool manly stuff from the Tumblrs we follow. Speaking of which, what Tumblrs do you recommend we follow? And no, we don’t want to look at cat gifs or porn.

AoM in Your Inbox

AoM email

Get the full text of every AoM article straight to your email inbox the day after it’s published. Subscribe on the right side of the homepage, and join tens of thousands of others who get AoM in their email.

If you don’t want to receive a daily email, we also offer a weekly digest, which gets sent out once a week and gives you a rundown of all the articles published that week:


The weekly digest is a handy, non-inbox-clogging way to quickly catch up on everything AoM for the week and check out the articles that interest you the most.

Thank you to everyone who follows and shares the Art of Manliness!

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