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• Last updated: September 8, 2020

Five Tips for Getting a Better Night’s Sleep [SPONSORED]

Home bed illustration.

The “you” who got a good night’s sleep last night and the “you” who didn’t get a good night’s sleep last night are two entirely different people. Which got us thinking about ways to greatly increase the chances of you waking up as the former versus the latter. Herewith, five imperative tips for achieving that goal.

Tip 1: No Screens an Hour Before Bed

This goes for everything: TVs, phones, laptops and tablets. Because, turns out, staring into a light doesn’t exactly send your mind the message that it’s time to go to sleep. Maybe even get in the habit of leaving all electronics outside the bedroom so you won’t be tempted.

Tip 2: Make Your Bedroom a Minimalist Utopia

You want your mind to be as clear and quiet as possible, so remove anything that doesn’t need to be in the same vicinity as your bed. A tranquil piece of art above your headboard is all you really need. (So probably not the best place for that framed print of Edvard Munch’s The Scream.) 

Tip 3: Get a Leesa Mattress

The most surefire way to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep: own a quality mattress. Like the hybrid Leesa, which has three layers including a perforated two-inch cooling foam top layer, two inches of memory foam and six inches of dense core support. It’s 100% made-in-America, and the fact that they donate mattresses and plant trees based on sales doesn’t hurt either. Plus, it’s available exclusively online and shipped free to your door. And you can rest assured (pun intended) knowing that there’s a 100-night risk-free trial period. Not that you’ll need it.

Tip 4: Choose Nonsensical Background Noise

If you normally listen to a show to lull you to sleep, pick something that you don’t have a vested interest in following. In other words, don’t use bedtime to start that audiobook you’ve been meaning to listen to. Opt for a plotless podcast or something you’ve already heard before to distract you. (Note: this is the only exception to Tip 1.)

Tip 5: Shoot for Eight Hours a Night

This is an oldie but a goodie. And there are no penalties if you get more than eight. Unless you oversleep and end up late for work.

Then, yeah, probably some penalties.


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