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• Last updated: September 5, 2020

Need Some Fall Reading? Check Out AoM’s eBook Collection

Whether you realize and are ready for it or not, fall is quickly approaching. With cooler temperatures and changing leaves often comes more opportunity for sittin’ in a comfy chair with a good book. What should you read though? Well, over the last year or so, we’ve been working hard at expanding our very own ebook catalog.

We currently have nine ebooks, all authored by yours truly, available in our store, with four of them just recently added and not sold anywhere else. These are shorter books — most of ’em coming in at under 100 pages. But they’re jam-packed with essential information, skills, and ideas for you to grapple with and put to use in your life.

The Charismatic Man: The 3 Elements of Personal Magnetism

Charismatic man by brett mckay, book cover.

No matter your situation in life and your individual aims, one of the most important tools for success is your personal charisma. It’s what allows you to command a room, draw others to you, and convince people of your ideas. It’s an essential part of being a leader.

Charisma may seem like a mysterious quality — something that some men are born with and some are not. But this is happily not the case. You don’t need to have hit the genetic charisma lottery in order to develop yourself into a man with powerful magnetism.

Far from being a magical and inexplicable trait, charisma can be broken down into a set of concrete, largely nonverbal behaviors that can be learned, practiced, and made natural. This book will show you how to do so.

Available for $5.99, delivered in PDF format

Leashing the Black Dog: A Guidebook to Understanding and Managing Male Depression

Leashing the black dog by brett mckay, book cover.

Depression isn’t something a lot of men like to talk about because it’s seen as a weakness. But a lot of men are silently suffering. In this book, I share my personal struggle with depression and take readers on a journey to understanding how to leash what Winston Churchill called “the Black Dog.”

You’ll learn:

  • The history of depression
  • What causes depression
  • The symptoms of depression in men
  • Action-oriented, researched-back steps you can take to manage your depression

This ebook doesn’t promise a cure to depression (which doesn’t exist), but will empower individuals to put a leash on their own black dog.

Available for $5.99, delivered in PDF format

Competition: The Fuel for Greatness

Competition fuel for greatness by brett mckay,book cover.

Competition is the original performance enhancing drug.

In this ebook you’ll find research backed tips and insights on how competition can rocket boost your performance to new heights.

You’ll learn:

  • What happens to your biology when you’re about to compete and how to harness that for improved performance
  • How men and women respond to competition differently
  • How to design competition so that it helps you improve and grow
  • How competition fosters cooperation and morality
  • And much more!

Are you ready to step into the arena of competition and become a better man?

Available for $5.99, delivered in PDF format

A Primer on Plato: An Accessible Guide to His Life, Works, and Philosophy

A primer on plate by brett mckay, book cover.

Many of the big questions that we’re still grappling with today — what is the meaning of life, how should a city/state be governed, what does it mean to be “good” — originated with Plato. And these lines of inquiry concern not just the ethical and political, but even questions cosmologists and physicists are still trying to figure out, like the nature of reality.

Thus, to understand the world today, every modern citizen needs to have a basic understanding of this man who lived a couple millennia back. For that reason, we offer this relatively short, accessible primer on Plato and his philosophy. While it is not exhaustive, it will allow those not familiar with him to gain a basic grasp of his big ideas, and enable them to better engage in the Great Conversation.

Available for $5.99, delivered in PDF format

Other eBooks Available

Besides the four newest titles above, we also have a great selection of other classic AoM ebooks:

How to quit porn by brett mckay, book cover.

Do you want to better understand why you look at porn, and have been searching for a resource that offers a balanced, level-headed, research-backed, non-religious approach to the subject? This is the book for you. Available for $3.99.


Building your resiliency by brett mckay, book cover.

Do you want to be a man that lives with gusto, seeing the world as your oyster instead of a minefield? Well, good news: It’s possible for every man to develop iron-clad resiliency. Available for $5.99.


30 Days to a better man by brett mckay, book cover.

This book provides a day-by-day action plan to help you become a better man in some small measure in just 30 days. Available for $5.99.


Heading out on your own by brett mckay, book cover.

You’ve finally left the comforts of mom and dad’s nest to strike out on your own . . . but you have no clue how to do your own laundry. Or cook. Or manage your finances. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? This book is for you. Available for $6.99.


What is honor by brett mckay, book cover.

An in-depth look at the history, sociology, and philosophy of honor, as well as a prescription for how to revive and sustain a culture of manly honor in the modern world. Available for $5.99.

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