| September 23, 2010


Crazy Stuff Your Dad Has Said: The $#*! My Dad Says Sweepstakes

While we might wish our dad was like Ward Cleaver, most dads are far from perfect. Maybe your dad is more like Archie Bunker or Fred G. Sanford. They loved their families and would do anything for them, but when dispensing fatherly advice they usually ended up saying some crazy, albeit super hilarious stuff. They also had a tendency to blurt out embarrassing stories and opinions at inopportune times, like when a girlfriend came over to meet the family for the first time. Television fathers like Bunker and Sanford have had a lasting impression on pop culture primarily because many people see a bit of their own dad in those characters.

There’s a new show premiering tonight that carries on the tradition of the gruff, yet lovable dad who says the darnedest things. CBS’ $#*! My Dad Says starring William Shatner follows the life of a young 20-something who lives with his cranky 70 year old dad, a man who says exactly what’s on his mind. And what’s usually on his mind isn’t polite.

The show is based on a Twitter account started by Justin Halpern, a real-life 29 year old living with his 70 year old dad. One day, Justin started tweeting all the crazy stuff his dad says. Word of warning: Justin’s dad has a mouth that would make the saltiest of sailors blush. Don’t read the Twitter stream if you’re offended by strong, adult language. Justin’s dad drops more F-bombs than the entire cast did in Reservoir Dogs. You’ve been warned.

The rest is internet history. The Twitter account was turned into a best-selling book and now it’s a show on TV starring William Shatner. Crazy. With the show’s premiere tonight, we’ve got more than a dozen of the best-selling book Sh*t My Dad Says to award some AoM readers. Here’s how to enter for your chance to win one.

The Sweepstakes

To enter, just leave a comment below sharing the craziest, most embarrassing thing your dad has said. Deadline to enter is Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010 at 10PM CST. 15 entrants will be chosen at random to win a copy of the book. I’m looking forward to reading your entries.

Update: I should also mention that we are moderating comments, so it might not show up right when you post. We’ want to hear your crazy stories, but clean it up as much as you can without it losing its impact. Thanks.

Read the official rules for the sweepstakes.

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