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Among the Irish Traveller community a feud between three families has been brewing for over a decade. How do they decide to settle it? By stepping to the line for some bare knuckle boxing. There aren’t any rounds. The fights end when one man gives up or is knocked out.

Epic themes of honor, family, and revenge take center stage in this brutal documentary.

Knuckle was a big hit at Sundance and is set for release on DVD on August 29th. Watch the trailer.

Knuckle – Out Now in Cinemas, On-Demand and Download / On DVD August 29.

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Antonio Centeno, who has been writing top-notch style articles for us for the last three years, will be going back through the archives and making a video for all of his old posts for those who’d like him to personally walk you through the information.

This first one is on The Importance of Being a Sharp-Dressed Man:

For more style info, check out Tony’s own style blog: Real Men, Real Style.


Last week we held a giveaway for a handmade, Made in America Mountain and Sackett tie. 2,456 of you entered to win. We randomly drew one of the comments as the winner, and that lucky man is:

Danual Allen of Seattle, WA.

Everyone who entered the contest should have been emailed a discount code for 20% off any purchase from Mountain and Sackett. The discount code is good until August 1.


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In The Colbert Report’s regular feature, “Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger,” Colbert razzed the new razor from Schick, which touts itself as the first scented razor for men. The handle of the razor is scented with “notes of spearmint, citrus and rosemary.” A New York Times article about the release of the razor quotes a Schick exec as saying she hopes that for young users, “the scent provides an additional linkage with this razor that strengthens their bond with it. Scent is so evocative, and as they grow older we want this scent to be kind of another anchor that’s in their brain for this razor.” Addicted to the scent of your razor! Could it happen to you?

Colbert’s skewering of this rather unnecessary product (it puts the “chick” in Schick–sorry, couldn’t resist) is quite funny. You have to watch the video on Comedy Central’s site.



While serving in Afghanistan, Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Arthur Petry, who had already been shot through both legs, saved his men when he picked up a live grenade that had landed by him and his fellow Army Rangers, and threw it away. It detonated as he threw it, amputating his hand. For his heroic actions, Petry was awarded the Medal of Honor, becoming the second living man to receive it for service in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.



I enjoyed this video as it really gets to the heart of the importance of Master Mind Groups; oftentimes, great ideas are born when two people who have a hunch come together and form one whole idea.

Check out the other videos from RSA Animate. They’re always both interesting and strangely soothing at the same time. There’s something relaxing about a dry erase marker I guess.

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Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean fame has a huge collection of old Kodachrome pictures and he’s kind enough to share them with the world. This beauty came from his Tumblr blog The Material Review.

Reminds me. I need to get my fishing license for the year…