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AoM reader Eric S. sent me a link to a blog post on, in which the author, Eric Payne, discusses his role in a new documentary about black manhood called Men Ain’t Boys. Here’s the synopsis of the film and the trailer:

“At a time when African American men are often depicted poorly throughout mainstream media Tyler New Media breaks that trend with Men Ain’t Boys. The film offers a thought provoking look at issues such as stereotypes surrounding manhood, the results of effective fatherhood and the requirements for maintaining lasting love, relationships and marriages. Men Ain’t Boys provides a blueprint for men, women and children to learn how real men live and how real men love.”

Authentic Manhood

Men Ain’t Boys


Here’s what I learned from this montage of television commercials created by YouTube user shaunclayton. 1) Women in the 1950s had a tough time making good coffee. 2) Men in the 1950s were kind of jerks. 3)  Steve Carell was able to travel back in time (look for him at :32.).

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A funny and surprisingly poignant video on dads from College Humor. 


Set your DVR’s folks. Tonight on Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior, two great men from history will be resurrected and go toe to toe in mortal combat: Theodore Roosevelt and TE Lawrence (aka Lawrence of Arabia). The premise of the Deadliest Warrior show is pretty cool: combat and weapons experts, along with historical researchers, look into the profiles of people of the past along with the weapons they used. They then feed this biographical and weapons information into a computer program that crunches the data, and predicts who would have won a hypothetical death match between the two fighters.

Who will come out on top in this match for the ages?

Starts at 9pm EDT.

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Wife and I were watching TV the other day and saw this gem of a commercial from Heineken. It tells the story of a man with a handlebar mustache living in world that doesn’t appreciate his distinctive facial hair. But his mustache soon fulfills the measure of its creation by taking part in an old fashioned bare-knuckle boxing match. The spirit of John L. Sullivan lives on in this ad. If he sticks around for a long time, we’ll have to add him to our list of manly brand icons. But he really ought to stop shaving his chest in the meantime.



Sure, Travis Bickle was a crazy, insane killer, but you gotta respect the dedication and motivation here to get in shape. Props for the minimalist workout routine.

Taxi driver workout‬‏- YouTube.


Among the Irish Traveller community a feud between three families has been brewing for over a decade. How do they decide to settle it? By stepping to the line for some bare knuckle boxing. There aren’t any rounds. The fights end when one man gives up or is knocked out.

Epic themes of honor, family, and revenge take center stage in this brutal documentary.

Knuckle was a big hit at Sundance and is set for release on DVD on August 29th. Watch the trailer.

Knuckle – Out Now in Cinemas, On-Demand and Download / On DVD August 29.

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Antonio Centeno, who has been writing top-notch style articles for us for the last three years, will be going back through the archives and making a video for all of his old posts for those who’d like him to personally walk you through the information.

This first one is on The Importance of Being a Sharp-Dressed Man:

For more style info, check out Tony’s own style blog: Real Men, Real Style.


Adam Winirch makes a living cracking whips. He started off making whips for a living, but then started to get paid to do demonstrations and break world records on TV. In this short clip, you’ll see Adam whip a can of soda in half as well as do the death defying fire whip. I need to get this guy for a So You Want My Job: Professional Whip Cracker.

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How’s this for the Start of Manliness? At a recent MLB game, a Milwaukee Brewer tossed a baseball into the stands and a young fan, Nicholas, caught it. But upon seeing an even younger fan sitting dejected for having not gotten the ball himself, he handed it over to him. Nice! Watch the video.

This young chap could teach this grown woman a thing or two. Holy smokes-this video made me slap my forehead in amazement!

Hat tip to Steve S. for this link.