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Declaration Clothing uses imagery from the American Revolution to inspire their t-shirt designs. For example, they have the famous “Join or Die” woodcarving of a segmented snake as well as the first coin issued under the United States government. You can see the other designs here. I’m digging the look. Great t-shirt to sport when you’re  grilling burgers this 4th of July.


I had my very first Father’s Day yesterday. It was a great day filled with family and homemade chocolate cookies, and Gus (by way of Kate) got me a great gift:

It’s a reproduction of a 1965 Tulsa Oilers minor league baseball hat, made by Ebbet’s Field Flannels (Tulsa’s minor league team is now the Drillers). And man I love it. I’ve been needing a baseball cap for awhile now, but it’s hard to find a nice one that you really dig. These fitted hats are made of wool broadcloth and made in the USA. It fits my giant noggin so nicely. Ebbet’s has a bunch of other vintage minor league hats too, along with old jerseys and such. Two thumbs up from me!

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Stay-at-home dad and metal worker, Brent, crafts some handsome looking rings out of a variety of different coins. The rings are double sided and are custom made for each buyer. His rings made out of the U.S. states quarters series are especially cool (examples pictured above). Great way to show off your state pride.

He’s got an Etsy store filled with lots of pre-made rings, but if you can’t find a ring you like, you can send him any coin from your collection and he’ll make a ring out of it for just $25. Maybe you have an old coin that belonged to grandad. It’s not worth much, and it’s just collecting dust. Send it to Brent so he can make a treasure that you can pass down from generation to generation.

Check out Custom Coin Rings


In honor of Father’s Day, the fine gents at Temple Bags is offering an exclusive 20% discount to Art of Manliness readers on all the products in their store.

Temple Bag’s products are made from re-purposed WWII-era canvas and materials, and they’re all handcrafted right here in the good old USA. These bags are made to last. The vintage canvas gives the bags a nice worn, weathered, and manly look. Temple Bags make a great gift for dad (or yourself).

If you’d like the exclusive 20% discount, simply follow this link. Any purchase you make will have the 20% discount automatically applied. Super simple. The discount is good until Friday, June 17 3 PM PDT.

Order today!


VIP Gents is a start-up company with a mission to help men look their best. Here’s how it works. You sign up for their free service and answer a few questions about your style needs. VIP Gents will then send you exclusive deals on clothes that suit your personal style. It’s like having a style consultant in your inbox.

VIP Gents is giving aways $10 of credit that can be used to purchase clothing from their service to 1,000 Art of Manliness readers. When you sign up for their service, just let them know you read AoM. Again, the service is free. You just have to pay when you actually buy the clothes.

Sign up today.


Red Wing has been making quality, durable boots for hard working men right here in the USA for over a century. Their Heritage line of boots looks to Red Wing’s rich past to inspire styles for today. Red Wing Heritage boots are handcrafted in their Red Wing, MN factory and are built to last a lifetime.  Not only are Red Wing Heritage boots handsome and durable, they’re also a bit more affordable than some of the other premium boots out on the market.

Watch the magic happen:

Check out the full line of Red Wing Heritage boots. I particularly like the Iron Ranger. It has a similar look to the Wolverine 1000 Mile, but costs about $100 less.

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If you’re a craftsman, head on over to Garrett Wade where you can pick up some honest to goodness antique woodworking tools. You’ll find a nice selection of wooden folding rulers, English plough planes, and English Double-Ended screwdrivers. They’re all very handsome and manly looking and reasonably priced.

Authentic Antique Tools: Planes, Levels, Rules. (via Uncrate)

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Strangely enough, a question I’ve gotten several times is, “What’s a manly way to carry a lunch?”

Of course a man carries his lunch any way he damn well pleases. But I understand the need here. Guys are looking for something re-usable that’s not a cheesy-looking, plastic, Made in China thingie.

A big metal construction worker lunchbox is a classic option, if a little unwieldy.

But the No. 215 bag made by the Artifact Bag Co. fits the bill perfectly. It’s made with waxed canvas and copper rivets and closes with a leather strap. The bag costs $65.00 but it’s handmade in Omaha, Nebraska and after a lifetime of ditching the disposable paper sacks, you’ll have covered the cost.

Check out the No. 215 at the Artifact Bag Co. Comes in khaki and olive.

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Made from reclaimed WWII era canvas, this handsome Dopp Kit will carry your personal effects in style. ($65)

Dopp Kit from Temple Bags


Always wanted to be a cowboy, but didn’t know where to start? Pick up a copy of Cowboy: The Ultimate Guide to Living Like a Great American Icon
and learn the cowboy lingo, how to cook with a chuck wagon, and the attitude that every cowboy needs. $13.99