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I love sunflower seeds. Nothing better than watching a baseball game with a packet of salty seeds in one hand and a craft soda in the other. Tastes like summer.

I haven’t really paid much attention to advances in sunflower seed technology. Apparently you can now get them in a wide variety of flavors, including, get this, bacon. Yes, thanks to the BIGS Sunflower Seeds, you can suck on seeds that taste like glorious, savory bacon. Absolutely delicious. Definitely recommend stocking up on it for beer league softball games or a night at the local minor league stadium.




Soap for a man that works hard. Rocky Top Soap is handcrafted by a guy in Maine and made from all natural ingredients like charcoal, bentonite, and clay.  They have the grit and wherewithal to wash off the toughest grease and oil from your hands. The Shavin’ Soap gets a nice, thick lather for the toughest of beards. Added bonus is all the soaps are unscented and made for those with sensitive skin.

$20 for a set of 4. Manly Man’s Gift Set All Natural Handmade by RockyTopSoapShop.


The guys who do our t-shirts, Tankfarm Clothing, wanted us to let you know that they’re now back to being fully stocked in all the designs.  Some of the designs and sizes had been sold out for a bit.

You can check out our Art of Manliness t-shirts here.


When you need to do some demolition around the house, look no further than to the Garrett Wade Box Hatchet.

 Part hatchet, part hammer, part nail remover and pry bar, this was originally made to close (or open) tea chests–the wooden crates that tea used to be shipped in back in the days of the British empire.

It also looks like the perfect companion weapon/tool to the Survival Shotgun.

via Gear Patrol


 My favorite men’s gear and product site, Gear Patrol, has recently released an iPad app that takes Gear Patrol’s fantastic content and gives you an almost magazine like experience on the iPad. Eric Yang and co. have definitely raised the bar on how content can be consumed via the web. Check out the app. It’s free!

iPad App | Gear Patrol.


I love field watches. They’re a great option for a man who looking for something in-between a  casual plastic digital watch and a dressy, upscale dress watch. Field watches are rugged, comfortable, affordable, and stylishly practical. They look good with a pair of khakis and sport coat at the office, and they can withstand the rigors of a weekend outdoor adventure.

I also love If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should. Unlike many men’s sites, Dappered focuses on affordable men’s style, and tracks down the best sales and bargains going on at any given time. They also offer good tips and advice for life. This week they did a series on the field watch, showcasing five much cheaper alternatives to J. Crew’s shrewdly marketed and amazingly overpriced $150 model. You can check out their picks here. 

For a few more field watch options (including one for $13.99), check out this article I wrote about them for another website.



I’m a big fan of pocket notebooks. Especially ones that look nice.  Cold Splinters has directed our attention to these fine army pocket notebooks that you can pick up at several online army surplus stores. They look just like the memoranda books my grandpa used to carry around.

Quick question for those who are serving in the military: are these still issued to soldiers?

Buy at The ArmyProperty Store.

Found via Cold Splinters



Image from Handlebar Magazine

 Oh, and speaking of mustache-themed jewelry, let’s continue that theme today…

I love Kickstarter. It’s such a cool idea. People post a project or product they want to make happen and other people kickstart the project by backing the project with money.

AoM Community member Ryan Lee Waldron shared this awesome project from a pair named Jennifer and Eddie. It’s the Mustache Tie Clip. I want one for Christmas. But for that to happen, Jennifer and Eddie need the funds to get this business off the ground.

Their goal is $3,000 and they’ve collected $2,256 so far. With five days to go, they need just a small push to reach their goal. If you’d like to see this product on the market, wander on over and donate a dollar or two. If you pledge $25, you’ll be able to buy a mustache tie-clip at a discounted price.

The Moustache Tie Clip Project by Jennifer & Eddie — Kickstarter.



Looking for some unique cufflinks to go with your french cuffed shirts? Look no further than GothamSmith for these awesome mustache cufflinks. The cufflinks come in three different finishes and are made by Shapeways robots. These bad boys are high in demand. GothamSmith are back ordered and will be taking pre-orders again in August. ($59).

Mustache Cufflinks — GothamSmith.


The folks at Garret Wade have discovered a lot of handsome looking vintage, yet never used Swiss Army axes and they’re selling them at their store for $40-$50. According to the company these axes are 30-50 years old. The chopping axe has a 23″ handle and weighs about 5 lbs. The camp axe is smaller and makes a perfect campfire kindling tool.

Christmas is just 5 months away. Pick this up for the lumberjack in your life while supplies last.

Swiss Army Axe