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The Atlantic recently published a photo montage of Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin taking part in manly activities. It’s freaking awesome. Putin has definitely worked hard at developing a manly and virile persona. It’s very Theodore Roosevelt-esque. While Roosevelt was certainly a badass, like Putin, he understood the power of the media and would often create photo-ops for himself to show off his awesome manliness. But even though both men wanted people to know about their manly feats, they both actually did the things they’re shown doing–it wasn’t a bunch of talk.

Of course, in addition to doing manly things, TR had a very sterling reputation, while Putin is known for being a bad dude.

But among world leaders, the man’s got a virility that’s second to none. Below are a few of my favorite images from The Atlantic’s “Vladimir Putin, Action Man.” Make sure to visit the site to see all 34 photos.

Anything is possible when you use Old Spice bodywash. I'm on a horse.

Ha ha ha! I will crush you.

Front crawl stroke is for weakling. Putin only uses butterfly.

Here is piece I wrote inspired by Brothers Karamazov. You will cry.

You hold metal like little child.

Eat my dust capitalist pig.

The scent of Putin attract big animals. For this reason, I hunt with no shirt.

Putin. Vladimir Putin.


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AoM reader and Orthodox priest Father John A. Peck sent us this picture of himself swinging a kettlebell. Awesome.


WWII GIs: Drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon before Pabst Blue Ribbon was ironically cool.

via Fort Knox: 1949 | Shorpy Historic Photo Archive.



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If you’ve been following us on the Trunk, you’ll know we’re fans of Mr. Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. Graphic artist Kyle Hinton is too and has created a paper doll of this awesomely manly TV character. Accessories include Ron’s golden gun, desk shotgun, “The Swanson” turkey leg, and a glass of scotch.

Fun to print off and let the kids play with. Or you can play with it. We won’t tell anybody.

Hinton has also created paper dolls portraying other Parks and Recreation characters as well as characters from Breaking Bad and Arrested Development. I dig this guy’s taste in TV. See all the designs here  here.

Doll #18 Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation As….

Hat tip to my cousin Jenny Nelson for sharing this with me.


One thing I regret from high school: not taking shop class. Would probably have been more useful than that psychology class I took. Sadly, high school shop classes are becoming a thing of the past as smaller budgets forces schools to shut down “non-essential” programs like shop class.

Did you take shop class in high school? What sort of things did you make?

Image via Rivet Head.


Billy Goodman.


Take your wife or girlfriend to the gun range. It’s a fun date. Really.

Note: Don’t put your finger on the trigger unless you’re going to fire. McQueen is breaking a big rule in proper gun safety in this pic.

Also, anybody know what kind of watch McQueen is wearing there?

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While the military these days makes men shave, it used be (in a time before gas masks) that the men of war grew ample and manly facial hair. Who had the best battlefield beards? The Smithsonian Institute has got a survey up, so you can weigh in on who had the best facial hair during the War Between the States. Will the Yankees triumph again or will the Confederates win this showdown?

Hat tip to Colton Wilson@Boyhood Restored for this link.