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Believe it or not, these fascinating, really kind of artistic photographs are actually mugshots (back when they took a picture of more than your mug) from the 1920s. Even criminals were dapper back then.

The photos come from the Sydney Justice and Police Museum, and some include descriptions of the crooks’ crimes, such as “hotel barber, meaning one who books into a hotel, boarding house or residential and robs (or ‘snips’) fellow patrons, usually in the dead of night.”

For more pics of criminals and a description of their crimes, check out Twisted Sifter

Found via A Headlong Dive via Leo M.


From Jan. 1933 issue of MODERN MECHANIX magazine


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Awhile back, Outdoor Life published a collection of 44 old hunting photos they unearthed. The avid outdoorsman will enjoy browsing through the old pics.

To see all the old photos, visit Outdoor Life.

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How to Be a Retronaut recently posted a gallery of images from a beard contest in Kansas from 1957. What’s funny is that most of these gents look like modern day hipsters. Who do you think won? Check out How to Be a Retronaut for even more photos. 


Edward Leicester Atkinson (1881–1929) was a Royal naval surgeon and Antarctic explorer who was a member of the scientific staff of Captain Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition, 1910–13.”

From National Geographic

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The Boy Scouts of America have a new ad campaign out called “Be One With the Wild” featuring Boy Scouts with super manly/kinda creepy full-grown lumberjack beards. I think it’s a really great campaign. Glad to see the Boys Scouts are having some fun with their outdoorsy image. And if it inspires a few 10-year-olds to join the Scouts, all the better.

I’m looking forward to the Beard Grooming merit badge.



Good example of smart casual from the King of Cool, Mr. Steve McQueen.

From A Conversation On Cool.


John Carter Cash, only son of Johnny and June Cash, sorted through a treasure trove of photos and ephemera left by his famous parents, and compiled them for a new book about his father: House of Cash. The NYT provides a preview, including this photo of June and Johnny relaxing in their House on the Lake, and a love note written by Johnny to June. As Cash recalls, “Dad never ceased to remind my mother of his love for her.”

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