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My Life Scoop is a website that invites bloggers from various blogs to contribute different articles on tech-related themes. They’ve asked me to do a series of articles for the site. For my fourth entry, I was asked to suggest some gadgets athletes in different sports can use to boost their performance and their enjoyment of the workout. My personal favorite is the Vibram Five Fingers-I love them-which goes to show that “tech” doesn’t need to be slick and fancy to be effective.
Got any gadgets you use when you exercise? Share your suggestions in the comments section.

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Put This On is an excellent web series about “dressing like a grown-up.” In their latest episode they talk with Paul Feig, director of some of my favorite shows like Mad Men and 30 Rock (and creator of the awesome Freaks and Geeks) about why he wears a suit to work every day and give some good tips on dressing for a job interview:


A couple of great links about the effect of nature on mind and body:

Forest Bathing (@Mark’s Daily Apple). “Forest Bathing” or “Forest Therapy” are just fancy names for spending time in nature. Studies in Japan have shown some pretty impressive benefits from forest therapy, including a decrease in blood pressure and an increase in cancer-fighting cells.

Outdoors and Out of Reach, Studying the Brain (NYT). Studies have shown that technology use is changing the way our minds work and taxing our attention span. Can spending time in nature soothe our frenzied brains? A group of scientists take a trip in the wilderness to find out.

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With our first post in our new basics of art series having gone up today, I thought this article in the NYT was apropos. Did you know that since Pearl Harbor all of the armed services have maintained combat art programs? The Marine Corps is the most serious and dedicated to the mission of its art program and is the only branch of the military to cover most of our recent conflicts. At the peak of the program during WWII, 70 men served in this capacity, but now there is just one. He is both a full-fledged Marine and an artist, and his job is to capture the experience of combat in art and to forever  immortalize the brave men who fought for their country.

Read the whole article, “With Sketchpads and Guns, Semper Fi.”

And check out the slide show for a sampling of the artists and their art.

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Andrew Snavely over at Primer Magazine has designed 17 manly and inspirational iphone backgrounds that you can download for free. Just a little something to give you a kick in the pants when you check your email.

Check out all the cool designs at Primer Magazine.


The Esquire Style Blog put together a short list of 5 great writers who also had great style. Want to dress like Fitzgerald? How about Hemingway?  Find out how at Esquire

Read Timeless Style Traits of 5 Literary Icons

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