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Giveaway Winners

Started several months ago by Brooke and Jared Zaugg, Bench and Loom is an online shop that’s hard to describe succinctly. First off, they sell premium, uncommon, well-crafted clothes and goods that are inspired by men of the past who had style and substance–classic, timeless stuff. Second, they write profiles of the men who provide this inspiration. Third, they write profiles about the workshops where the clothes are made. Fourth, they find cool classic clothes from old movies and have people vote on which item they’d like to see brought back to life for a limited edition production. Oh, and they also maintain a blog with travel stories and commentary. So yeah, it’s an interesting site to poke around on.

For the purposes of this giveaway, all you need to know is that Bench and Loom is giving away a very cool knife: a M.C Cognet Douk-Douk Pocket Knife. These simple, steel, hand forged slipjoint knives have been made in France since 1929. They started out as utility knives for the ordinary working man and then got picked up by the likes of the French Foreign Legion. Soldiers loved the fact that the knife could easily be sharpened to a razor’s edge, and, with some hammering and tinkering, converted into a fixed blade dagger. Douk-Douk knives are perfect for everyday carry as they’re flat, lightweight, and sturdy as all get out.

Bench and Loom is giving away one of these unique pocket knives to a lucky AoM Trunk reader. To win, leave a comment telling us about your go-to pocket knife (or how you wished you had one!).

One winner will be randomly drawn from the comments. Giveaway ends February 28, 2012 at 8:00 pm CST.

UPDATE: Contest is closed. Winner will be announced shortly.

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If your name is not Chris Harbin or Brent Blank, then I’m afraid you did not win the Declaration Clothing Giveaway. But the fine gents at Declaration Clothing are holding a President’s Day sale just for AoM readers.

For 20% off anything in the Declaration Clothing store, enter the code “PRES20” when you checkout.

The discount code is good until Feb. 20.

Take advantage of this sale to pick up one of their prints or tees that give homage to the virtues of simplicity, liberty, patriotism, and the Spirit of ’76!




Last week we ran a couple of giveaways–and we’ve drawn the winners for them.

For the Frame the Date giveaway which ran on the main site, the winner is:

Ryan Fischer from Fairborn, OH

Everyone who entered the Frame the Date giveaway should have been emailed a discount code for 10% off.

For the Criquet Shirts giveaway which ran here on The Trunk, two winners were drawn, and they are:

Andrew Garceau from Waco, Texas
Mike Wedick from Saint Louis, Missouri

The guys at Criquet Shirts have decided to offer a discount to AoM readers good for 20% off anything in their store.

The code is “Manup” and it is good through the end of February. So if you were thinking about getting one of their great polos, now’s the time to do it!


It’s hard to find a good polo shirt. They can be baggy and unflattering, making you look like a nerdy dad. Or they can be coarse, heavy, and uncomfortable. They can be too preppy-looking and evoke the douche-y frat boy stereotype.

Billy Nachman and Hobson Brown understood this quandary all too well. They spent their lives on a quest to find the perfect polo, and kept coming up short. Billy’s grandfather had passed down some great golf shirts from the 70s, but when those wore out, the guys were once again favorite polo-less. So they decided to take matters into their own hands and create their own polo and golf shirts. Polos made with soft organic cotton. Polos with a vintagey vibe, but a modern style. Polos at home on the links, but well-suited for the non-preppy man around town. And so Criquet Shirts was born.

I give these shirts my personal Brett approval. I’ve always loved retro-looking golf shirts, and this one actually makes me look handsome, or so says my wife.

Criquet was kind enough to offer up two shirts for two AoM Trunk readers to win. If you’d like to get your hands on one, visit the Criquet website, pick out which style/color shirt you’d like if you win, and leave a comment letting us know your selection (just a description, not a link).

Two comments will be randomly drawn as the winners. Giveaway ends Feb. 6, 2012.

Update: Contest has ended. Check back soon for the winner.

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Last week we ran a giveaway for the new 4563 Red Wing boot. Over 6,000 of you entered (whoa), and one name was drawn randomly from the comments as the winner:

Parker Brunson of College Station, TX

I can see from my records that Parker has entered 6 of our previous giveaways, so it’s quite nice to see persistence pay off–seventh time’s a charm. Congrats, sir!


Last week we held a giveaway for a handmade, Made in America Mountain and Sackett tie. 2,456 of you entered to win. We randomly drew one of the comments as the winner, and that lucky man is:

Danual Allen of Seattle, WA.

Everyone who entered the contest should have been emailed a discount code for 20% off any purchase from Mountain and Sackett. The discount code is good until August 1.


A couple of weeks ago when ran a giveaway for a Char-Broil Quantum Infrared Outdoor Grill. 1,852 of you entered and we randomly drew one comment to be the winner. The winner is:

Rox Fontaine from Mt. Vernon, NY

Here’s the truism his dad taught him:

“In high school, I was having a very tough time. Not with school work but with people. I was always arguing and or fighting with someone. I always felt like I was being bullied and I had a reason why I was upset every time. It was always, “He said…” or “She didn’t….” or “My teacher told me….”.

My dad gave me one of the most important true-isms ever in that period. He said to me:

“Situations will always change. The only constant is you.”

It really stuck with me and I learned to hold myself accountable. I got rid of my angst and stopped reacting to every cross look, insult or button press and I’m a much better man for it.”

Excellent words of advice!

Thanks to everyone who entered and to Char-Broil Grills for sponsoring such a nice prize. Happy grilling!


A few weeks ago we ran a giveaway for a two-knife set of Wüsthof Knives. To enter, you had to submit your signature dish in the comments on the post. We received over tasty 1,700 entries, but only one of them would walk away with this razor sharp chef and paring knife. We picked the winner at random and the winner is:

Robert from Santa Fe, New Mexico. His signature dish is Boston Butt Pulled Pork. Mmmm…. pulled pork. Must have some.

Thanks to the Wüsthof Knife Company for sponsoring the giveaway and make sure to read the entries. Lots of good ideas for meals to cook.


A couple of weeks ago we ran a giveaway for a briefcase from Temple Bags. 4,109 of you entered the contest by sharing your dream job with us.

We randomly drew one comment as the winner. And that winner is:

Bryan Harvey from Austin, TX

Bryan would love to be carrying this bag as travel writer exploring the world. Good luck in getting that dream job, Bryan. In the meantime, enjoy the bag!

If you didn’t win, be sure to check out all the great products at Temple Bags. They have some really cool bags for iPads…which may finally make the man purse acceptable, since no one wants to be carrying that thing around in their hand everywhere.


Last week we ran a giveaway for two pairs of incredibly well-made and handsome boots: The Wolverine 1,000 Miles. Over 4,000 of you entered the giveaway and two names were chosen at random as the winners. They are:

Michael Katibah, from Seattle, WA
Erik Bickel, from Ventura, CA

Congrats guys! Hope you enjoy them over the next 1,000 miles and beyond.