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Art of Manliness in Action

Typically with articles I post on The Trunk, I like to do a little description and post some noteworthy excerpts, but I don’t know how to do that with this piece, because it is so shot through with manliness from start to finish that anything I say or choose will do it a disservice. Basically, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever read on what it really means to be a man. And I would urge you to block off some uninterrupted time this weekend to gives it a read.

Read the article: “Man In Full” (@SportsIllustrated)

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6-year-old Rivers Hobbs was walking with his family at Big Bend National Park in West Texas, when a mountain lion pounced on him. Rivers’ mother tried to hold on to him, but the cat pulled the boy to the ground, clamping its jaws onto his head. That’s when his father, Jason, pulled out his pocket knife and stabbed the mountain lion in the chest, causing the cat to let go and run away. Nice going, dad.

Just another reason every man should carry a pocket knife.

Read the story (

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A couple of weeks ago we highlighted the story of a boy who saved his mother from a drunk attacker by using his BB gun. Today we share a home defense story from the other end of the age and weapon spectrum.

Last week Roger Krier was tinkering around in his garage at 5:30 pm, when four attackers stepped inside it. One, brandishing a semiautomatic handgun, demanded Krier hand over some dough. Krier, who at age 77 has the ageless vitality of a Jack Lalanne, called on the combat training he had been through 53 years ago, and stealthily grabbed a sledgehammer from his workbench, swung it around, and knocked the would-be robber’s gun out of his hand and into the alley next to the house. The group of men then turned tail and ran away in fear. Nice going, Pops.

You definitely need to watch this video of Roger describing how the incident went down:

As someone said in the comments on the article: “Never bring a gun to a hammer fight.”

Read the article: “Man, 77, Fends Off Armed Robbers with Sledgehammer.” (CBS Minnesota)

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A 10 year old boy in Bellingham, Washington saved his mother’s life with a BB gun last week.

When a man who had been renting a room in the mother’s house became enraged and angry and began attacking the mother, the boy hit him with a board. The man then chased the boy around the house and when he followed him outside, the boy and mother tried locking the man out. But the man then tried to get back in through a window and grabbed the mother, threatening to kill both of them. That’s when the boy grabbed his pump-action BB gun and shot the man four times, buying him and his mother time to run away and call the police, who arrived and nabbed the attacker.

Didn’t even shoot his eye out either!

Read the whole article: “Bellingham Boy Shoots Mom’s Attacker in Face with BB Gun

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AoM reader Bob Pearce sent me this email, which I thought I’d post up here, as I think it’s a very nice idea:

“I really enjoyed reading George Patton’s letter to his son.  I have been thinking for some time about the way I communicate with my son and with my grandson.  My father passed away four years ago and I have nothing that he wrote.  He never wrote me a letter nor I him.  I would cherish a letter written to me from my late father.  I have, for the past year, written a monthly letter to both my son and my grandson.  The letters are not about important or historic events.  They are about the things I think were important that perhaps we didn’t take the time to really talk about.  I hope in future years, they will refer back to the letters when they want to know what I would think or what I would do in a certain situation.  I hope they will find something of value in them to help them in their own decisions.  I hope they will remember how much I admired, loved and wanted the best for them.”



A couple of weeks ago in Minnesota, Pat Smith and his 11-year-old twin boys, Nate and Nick, went to a charity hockey game. Mr. Smith bought three raffle tickets for $10 each for a chance to win $50,000 by making a shot from the center of the rink at halftime. He wrote Nick’s name on all three tickets; Nate had just recently had a cast removed from his arm and figured Nick has the better chance of making the shot. Come halftime, one of Nick’s tickets was drawn, but he had left during halftime, telling Nate to take the shot if his name was called. And that’s what Nate did, amazing the crowd by making a shot that had to go 89 feet and slip through a 3.5 inch gap made in a board that was placed across the mouth of the goal. Euphoria and pandemonium ensued. According to a report by NPR:

Both of the twins were shocked. Pat Smith says that in the excitement, he went along with the swap — but he didn’t feel right about it the next day.

“I just felt I had to do the right thing,” he told ABCNews Monday. “I just think that honesty is more important than any prize or money you could get.”

So Nate came forward and told the truth to the game’s organizers, who consulting with the insurance company that underwrote the event, decided to not give the boys the money but rather to donate $40,000 to youth hockey leagues.

The dad, Pat Smith, told Today that coming forward was not only the right thing to do, but also a valuable lesson for his sons: “They learned that honesty is always the best policy, and you can never go wrong telling the truth.”

“Some people wouldn’t tell the truth, so it’s cool that we did,” Nate Smith added.


Boy Makes $50K Hockey Shot, But It’s The Wrong Boy

No Cash For Kid Who Made $50,000 Hockey Shot (@NPR)


If you follow the news, you know that on Monday insurgents attacked a joint Iraqi-American base camp in Baghdad, Camp Loyalty, killing 5 US servicemen and wounding 17 others. It was the worst single death toll in that country in two years. The insurgents targeted the men’s barracks and fired rockets into them as the men slept.

Morgan Nikias survived the attack, but his sister contacted us to let us know that because of where the attack occurred, all of the men’s personal possessions and supplies were destroyed. The men are greatly in need of basics like soap, toothbrushes, razors, deodorant, and underwear.

So often you hear, “I don’t support the war, but I do support the troops.” Well here’s your chance to put your money or your (unopened) deodorant where you mouth is. There are a couple of ways to help-

Luree is organizing a bunch of large care packages to send to her brother and his unit. You can send her some of the supplies mentioned above, and she’ll incorporate them into the packages. Or you can create a care package yourself and send it directly to the men. Or you can just donate money, so Luree can buy supplies. Details can be found here:

Morgan is a big fan of the Art of Manliness. I hope you’ll show him and his brothers that AoM men aren’t just readers, but doers!