Vote for BULL Men’s Fiction to Win a “Man Grant” of $100k

Dockers has been running a contest to give away a $100K “man grant” to help a man get started on following his dream and launching a unique and manly business idea.

Remember when men’s magazines like Esquire would publish compelling fiction stories for men? AoM fan, and sometimes contributor, Jarrett Haley, and the men at BULL Men’s Fiction want to bring back that tradition and make men’s fiction cool again. Major publishers say men don’t want to read anymore. BULL Men’s Fiction say that’s, well, a load of bull.

Right now they run an independently owned men’s fiction magazine that they run out of Jarrett’s house. But BULL has plans to expand their operation into an independent publishing house producing thoughtful and engaging fiction for men.

Watch BULL Men’s Fiction’s plan:

If you like Jarrett’s vision, vote for his plan to win here on Facebook so he can take that $100K and make his vision a reality. Voting ends May 1 and you can vote once a day until then. He’s in second place right now, but I think the AoM army can change that. Let’s help Bull Men’s Fiction bring back compelling and manly fiction. Vote today!

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Mstislav Fedorchuk May 2, 2011 at 9:28 am

Definitely deserves the award.

Tasman May 5, 2011 at 10:51 pm

Does anyone know if Jarret won?

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