Fewer Teenage Boys (And Girls) Are Having Sex

A new study by the Centers of Disease Control shows that the number of unmarried teenagers who have had sexual intercourse at least once has declined since the study was last conducted in 2002, making the number of teenagers who have had sex the minority instead of the majority. (The birthrate for teenagers is also now the lowest in recorded US history, although it is still quite high compared to other countries).

The decline in teen sex was seen in both boys and girls, but the drop was bigger for boys. In 2002, 60.4% of boys had lost their virginity by the time they were 19. This year, that number is 42%, an almost 20% decline. A boy’s reason for abstaining has changed too:

“The most common reason both girls and boys gave for never having had sex was that doing so was against their religion or morals; that has always been the primary reason in previous surveys, too, Dr. Martinez said. But the second-most-common reason among boys in the current survey was that they had not yet found the right person, a distinct change from 2002, when the No. 2 reason was that they did not want to get a girl pregnant.

“How boys feel about these topics is going to influence how they behave,” Dr. Martinez said.

Why do you think fewer teenagers are having sex? Has just a bit of chivalry crept back into the culture? Is our culture so sexualized that sex has become more “eh” and less enticing forbidden fruit? Is there less of a drive for boys to have sex because porn is so readily available? Are teens waiting on actual intercourse, but are just more willing to have oral sex? What’s your take on it?

Read the whole article: “Teenagers Who Have Sex Are Now the Minority” (@NYT)

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The stranger December 10, 2011 at 6:28 pm

Until you get married*** the bible and pornography were both created by man. Do we really blame the ones who watch it or the ones that create it? And that goes for all social media sites. Humans will get a hold of anything created and abuse it . Maybe these websites were actually created for the reason of the desocializing people. And as soon as they dwindle down the generations of free thinkers that are more comfortable
with face to face communication the elite can make those left over into their slaves.

Bruno December 15, 2011 at 10:03 am

In my humble opinion, if the above statistic is true, it is much more so due to the inability of modern boys to actually get laid. As a college senior, I have observed the latest crop of freshmen as, unfortunately, a rag tag of awkwardness and social inability. It is not surprising that half of them hasn’t had sex yet, given the amount of online activity they put in. And this is most certainly not just pornography numbing down people: although it might play a part, most freshmen I have met do want to have sex, but unfortunately they just can’t achieve that goal. Their real life social awkwardness is only matched by their virtual proficiency.

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