The Bear

The Bear is a series of stand alone paintings done by Rebecca Dreistadt and captioned by Ryan Sohmer detailing the bond that forms between a first time father and his son, and the discoveries they both make along the way. As a new father of a son myself, I found them quite heartwarming.

See a bunch more @Behance

Hat tip to Zane J. for this link.

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Kevin Wenzel November 11, 2011 at 7:13 am

It is amazing how a man can love his son do fiercly so amazingly that a deepness we’ve never known is actualized by this son’s existsnce. He can do or say anything and we are overwhelmed and swell with joy. I now understand more of why God wanted to restore relationship with the run away son, HE loved him so. Actually words pale in comparrison as a poet or compsser could say it better. I wonder if I could make a chocolate that resonnated the love I feel for my children? Stay tuned.

BA November 13, 2011 at 1:18 am

Love is all about connection…that simple. Kids need that more than ever…and that grows all the more over age and time. What we love or admire we keep close but the truly wise know what is most dear or cherished needs plenty of quality time. Our imprint on any person or task or craft remains a legend only when it is nurtured by time, testing and endurance.

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