The Evolution of Dad

A new documentary, The Evolution of Dad, comes out on Father’s Day and explores the changing meaning of being a father in today’s world:

A related article, also titled The Evolution of Dad, discusses the way in which men are asking the question, “What does it mean to be a dad today?” Fathers today want to be better dads than their fathers were, but they’re still working out what that should look like. Men are shifting from defining fatherhood as being the breadwinner to defining it as being a loving, present parent. But stay-at-home dads still struggle with feeling emasculated and wondering whether their role is appropriate.

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How do you think the role of father is changing?

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Tim Woolery June 16, 2010 at 6:11 pm

The role of the father is changing as it does for every generation – we’re throwing out what doesn’t work for us and taking on what does. We’re being challenged to articulate what is valuable about fatherhood and this is a good thing because sometimes, we lose the connection between value and effort.

The Boomer kids were raised by the Depression era and Gen-X was raised by Boomers – the generation gap was as pronounced then as it is now and we’re hoping to improve on that process by developing a learning curve. Good for us – I hope it achieves what it set out to do!

Mad June 16, 2010 at 9:40 pm

From a proud un-evolved fossil…

I find that as a man in my 30s I want to start a family. Sadly I am also at odds with myself in wanting to marry & have children. With more and more women getting degrees with a national avg (60/40% women to men) at college is it implausible for women to still hold men old standards. Men are still demanded to be either be the breadwinner or they are considered not enough of a man to hold up their end of the marriage bargain and leave. Women are continuing to look for the traditional male but are finding that men out there do not placate to that duality of being both a scapegoat and breadwinner in matters of the family. I am in the 40% of guys who actually made it into college. I am also in an even smaller ratio of men who has reserved intimacy ONLY for my wife to be. Facing the daunting statistics of occupational hazards in both military service and a peace officer; I have a greater chance to be shot than I have with finding a never married & chaste woman. When women tell me that chivalry is dead I point out the facts that those who follow old chivalric codes are also usually the last to come home if at all. I do not agree with the old fashioned way women were unequally treated socially or economically but I for one will not be considered second rate or marginalized man for the sins of the current or previous generations either.

Mad June 16, 2010 at 9:50 pm

Forward… my last post is noted to be littered with errors in grammar. With such strong feeling for the subject my Politically Correct tone and careful editing skills were unwisely ignored.

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