| July 6, 2017


Podcast #319: Why Every Man Should Have a Workout Ritual

Are you tired of starting fitness programs with the best of intentions only to find yourself falling off the workout wagon two weeks later?

If so, today’s episode is for you.

I’ve brought back bodyweight strength training coach Anthony Arvanitakis to talk about his new book, How to Never Skip Your Workout Again. Anthony and I begin our conversation discussing what causes people to stop working out and how making exercise a ritual is the cure to this problem. Anthony then digs into specifics on how exactly to make exercise a ritual, including creating a pre-workout checklist (that you actually write out on an index card), wearing a workout “uniform,” and picking the best time to set your ritual in motion.

We then discuss why rituals are much more powerful than motivation in helping you stick with a fitness program, and how to keep with it even when your life gets really busy. We end our conversation discussing how to make your diet a ritual as well, so you can lose weight or pack on muscle.

Show Highlights

  • Why Anthony wanted to devote an entire book to the topic of building the workout habit
  • The things that get in our way and sap our willpower for working out and dieting
  • What Anthony means by “ritual” in regards to working out
  • The physical, written checklist Anthony has created to get him into his workout ritual
  • Why Anthony wears the same “uniform” every day for working out
  • The best time of day to train
  • Why you still need to remain flexible with your rituals
  • How to stick with a ritual even during extremely busy times of life
  • How rituals are more powerful than motivation
  • The “avalanche effect” and how it will improve your life
  • How Anthony used the avalanche effect to get himself out of a lengthy funk after he lost his leg
  • Applying the power of ritual to your diet
  • Anthony’s thoughts on eating the same thing every day

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

how to never skip your workout again anthony arvanitakis book cover

If you’ve been looking to start bodyweight training, Anthony provides by far the best resources on the topic. Check him out at Homemade Muscle. And check out his latest book, How to Never Skip Your Workout Again, for insights on how to make the exercise habit stick.

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Last updated: July 9, 2017

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