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Art of Manliness Podcast #70: Modules For Manhood With Kenneth W. Royce

Posted By Brett On June 1, 2014 @ 7:44 am In Podcast | 4 Comments

In this week’s episode I talk to author Kenneth W. Royce about his new book Modules For Manhood: What Every Man Should Know [1]Some of you might know Kenneth from his book Boston’s Gun Bible [2].

Show Highlights:

  • How famous gunfighter Jeff Cooper (creator of the Cooper Color Code [3]) inspired Kenneth to write Modules for Manhood
  • The skills every man should have before leaving his parents’ home
  • The decline of manhood and the rise of Ortega y Gasset’s “Common Man” and how it’s leading us to Idiocracy [4]
  • Why “soft skills” are just as important for men to learn as the hard ones
  • What young men can do now to become better men
  • What fathers can do to help their sons
  • And much more!

manhoodmodules [5]


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