| March 25, 2014


Announcing the Winner of the RAM Cave Garage Renovation Contest


Right before the big reveal.

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Way back in September of last year, we announced a garage renovation contest from RAM trucks. People submitted photos of their garage and a short essay on how they’d renovate it to turn their garage into the ultimate RAM Cave. Three winners were selected via Facebook voting and a panel of judges. Each winner was assigned a RAM Cave designer and given $25,000 to renovate their garage. I had the pleasure of serving as one of the designers (honestly, and thankfully for Randy, the crack team of contractors did most of the designing — I was just there to lend a hand and add some color commentary!).

Well, after six months, I’m excited to announce the winners of the RAM Cave Garage Renovation Contest as well as share my experience helping one of them renovate their garage.

My Weekend Helping Randy Ringer Renovate His Garage

I had the honor of being assigned to Randy Ringer from beautiful Mount Airy, Maryland. Randy is just an all-around top-notch guy — fun, hardworking, and a solid family-man. Randy has an old welding shop on his property that he’s turned into a garage. For the past ten years Randy had slowly been working on renovating it, turning it into a place where his family and friends could hang out. But the project had to take a backseat last year after his wife, Melissa, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Life pretty much came to a halt as Randy and his family circled the wagons in order to take care of his wife. Thankfully, Melissa responded to the treatments and is now on the mend.


My “reality show” debut. Watch out Ty Pennington, I’m coming for you.

Randy decided it was time to get back to working on his garage. When he saw the contest from RAM, he figured he’d might as well put his hat in the ring and wasn’t expecting much. But Randy made it through the voting and selection process and I found myself on a plane to Maryland to help Randy finish his garage one weekend last November. Randy is so nice, he even pretended he wasn’t disappointed not to get Bob Vila! Here’s a video of the renovation:

The garage turned out amazing. We put in new flooring, added some cabinets, put in a drop ceiling, replaced some doors, and added a car lift. Andy Martin and his crew at Morningstar Contractors did a bang-up job in leading and managing the project. We also had the help of several of Randy’s closest friends. I was glad to be a part of this project. I had a blast, but more importantly I had the chance to meet Randy and his family. I left Maryland with some new friends. My thanks to Randy and his family for their hospitality and all the folks who put in long days and nights to make this thing happen.

The Other RAM Cave Winners

Below you’ll find the renovation videos of the other two winners:

Renovation with Timothy Dahl

Renovation with Bob Vila

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