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Art of Manliness Store End of Summer Sale

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We’re having an End of Summer Sale at the Art of Manliness Store [1]. From today and until August 31, 2013, you’ll be able to get 35% off on select items while supplies last.

Items you’ll find in the End of Summer Sale include:

Virile T-shirts [1]

We rolled out a bunch of new t-shirt designs earlier in the summer, and for the rest of the month you can get four of those new designs and two classics on sale for $12.


Art of Manliness Pocket Notebooks [2]

The pocket notebook [2] is a classic everyday carry item of many a great man. Get a set of three of these 48-page notebooks for less than $8.

pocketbook [3]

Know Your Lifts Posters [4]

Mr. Know Your Lifts has been popular on the site since he was first introduced [5]. These posters are perfect the gym you hit up every day, your home workout room, or your bodybuilding-son’s dorm. Get the three editions for under $8 a piece, or the whole set for under $20.


Cell Phone Etiquette Posters [6]

This series of propaganda-style posters for the modern age was an instant hit when we first posted them [7]. They’re especially good for classrooms or workplaces, so get ’em while they’re hot before your students are tromping down the hallways once again.