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  1. I would use this to paint watercolors – flat suraces work well and making wire jewelry among other desky things. The ability to stand over your work is extremely helpful.

  2. I operate a small security systems company, and spend lots of time at my desk, writing proposals, invoicing, and other duties. Often, if I must test a piece of equipment, I have to either bring the piece in, or go to my workbench to do so. This way, I can raise the desk,test, and have computer access at same time.

  3. With the VertDesk, I would be so much more productive around the house– folding laundry, computer work, & quick meals wouldn’t need multiple stations! I love standing and working! Thanks AoM!

  4. I would use it to hold a pad and pen to write down ideas while I played guitar. It is significantly easier to play/write while standing rather than sitting, and having an adjustable table would be absolutely perfect for this sort of thing. It would go right in to the music room

  5. I’m a Contract Programmer and I work from home several days a week. I would write programs and support my Customers while working at the VertDesk.

  6. I could use something like this for my metal working (mostly copper). I constantly catch myself hunching my back because I’m trying to get my eyes closer to my work surface (a regular desk). Also, I might consider letting my girlfriend use it for crafts occasionally – but only because she introduced me to The Art of Manliness a few months ago. =)

  7. This would make a great addition to my music space — I could put my laptop and speakers on this while recording.

  8. I work on freelance illustrations and some logo design. This desk would be excellent for my projects! Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. I’m working on launching a new ecommerce site on nights and weekend and don’t have a home office right now.

  10. I’m an art director for a music merchandise company and spend hours at a desk hunched over a keyboard. I would use this desk while creating product lines for bands.

  11. I wold use this for design work. I’m always tinkering with something to make it easier to use, faster, stronger, lighter, or whatever mods I think are needed. Usually I put a crate on the kitchen table, with a scrap piece of 3/4 plywood for a work surface. This VertDesk would be a great help.

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