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How to Dress for a Job Interview: Your 60 Second Visual Guide

Hair recently cut. Solid or conservatively patterned tie. No bright or flashy colors. If you rock a pocket square, only use the square fold. 2 or 3 buttons. ½” shirt cuff exposed. Cuffed best for tall men; uncuffed for short. Shoes polished. Plain or capped oxford shoes, rounded toe and closed lacing. Jacket sleeve should not extend past knuckles. Dark single breasted suit. While or blue solid shirt. Patterned shirts acceptable. Tie coordinates with shirt’s pattern. Flat front khakis (grey flannel or dark denim may work at some companies). Socks match color of pants. Dress boots or leather slip-on shoes. Nails trimmed. Simple leather case or portfolio. Sports jacket. Face cleanly shaven or beard neatly trimmed.

Got a job interview coming up and are wondering how to dress? Here are some general guidelines to follow at a glance.

Illustration by Ted Slampyak [1]

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