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A Manly Handshake: An Illustrated Guide

how to give proper manly handshake illustrated guide Illustration by Ted Slampyak [1]

I’ve been wanting to incorporate a more visual element into the Art of Manliness, but I have no artistic talent whatsoever. But lucky for us, former So You Want My Job interviewee Ted Slampyak [2] does. Ted’s a super-talented illustrator based out of Albuquerque, NM (Go Isotopes!). He’s done some amazing webcomics like Jazz Age [3], and until last year Ted drew the Little Orphan Annie comic strip.

From time to time Ted will be providing us with nice, manly-looking illustrated guides that both educate and entertain. We’re also working with him on creating a bi-weekly webcomic that we think AoM readers will enjoy.

Please join me in giving a manly AoM welcome to Ted Slampyak! [1]We hope you’ll enjoy this new visual element of the Art of Manliness.