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Wolverine 1,000 Mile Boots Giveaway

After publishing Tony’s post about shoes and boots [1] a couple of weeks ago, which mentioned Wolverine’s 1,000 Mile Boots [2], the good folks at Wolverine contacted us about running another giveaway with them. I was dee-lighed, as the last giveaway we did for the boots was quite popular. But also because I myself am a proud owner of Wolverine’s 1,000 Mile Boots [3] and an unabashed fan of them.

The design of the boots is based off the design of the original 1,000 Mile Boots that were introduced back in 1914. This was a time when a man needed a pair of boots that could walk miles of unpaved roads and yet still look good with a set of handsome duds.

The 1,000 Mile Boot Collection comes in three styles: the Bradford, the Original, and the Addison.

The boots are made in the USA with top quality leather in a process that involves some of the same construction methods used to make the boots nearly a century ago. They’re built to last a very, very long time and only get better with age.

For me personally, the best part about the boots is how incredibly versatile they are. I’ve worn them with everything from a t-shirt and jeans to slacks, a tweed sports coat, and a tie. And everything in-between. They can go from walking and working to an upscale event. Practical and handsome: now that’s manly.

The Prize:

We’re giving away two, count em, two pairs of Wolverine’s 1,000 Mile Boots. [3]

To enter, leave a comment sharing who you’d like to walk 1,000 miles with. The person can be real or fictional, dead or alive, someone you know or a famous person.

Deadline to enter is Monday, March 21 at 9PM CST. We’ll then randomly select two lucky winners. Enter today!

Edit: The contest is over and comments are closed. We’ll be announcing the winners on The AoM Trunk [4] shortly.