| June 1, 2010


Introducing the Art of Manliness Trunk

The internet is a big place. A man can waste a lot of time searching for the manliest stuff the web has to offer. Let us do the searching for you. Today we’re rolling out the Art of Manliness Trunk. The AoM Trunk is a collection of cool stuff that we find while wandering the vast deserts of the world wide web. Like your grandpa’s old trunk, the AoM Trunk is full of manly photos, films, and accouterments. It’s your web edited with an eye for manliness.

Why the Art of Manliness Trunk?

I was always finding fun things that I wanted to share with AoM readers, but they just didn’t warrant a whole regular post. With the Trunk, we can quickly share cool stuff we find without it cluttering up the main AoM site or your email box. We plan on using the Trunk to share vintage photos, videos, and links to websites and articles we think will be of interest to AoM readers. We’ll also be using the Trunk to make short announcements about things like who won our giveaways and what’s going on in the Community. So make sure to check back daily for updates.

Take a look.

As you can see we’ve found some bad-a images of Tesla and Steve McQueen and also a cool video from 1937 about a mobile barbershop.

Follow the Trunk

RSS Feed. I figured some of you just want our regular articles showing up in your RSS reader or emails and not these nuggets of manliness, so I’ve created a separate RSS Feed for the AoM Trunk. If you want to get updates from the Trunk sent to your reader, you’ll need to subscribe to the AoM Trunk Feed.

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Twitter. Updates to the Trunk will be posted to the AoM Twitter account. If you haven’t already, follow Art of Manliness on Twitter.

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Facebook. Finally, updates to the Trunk will be posted to our Facebook Page. Join 25,000 other AoM fans and get updates from the site sent directly to your Facebook News Feed.

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Contribute to the Trunk

We’re open to user contributions to the Trunk. If you find anything cool that you think an AoM man would enjoy, send it to us via our contact form.

Last updated: June 2, 2010

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