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Weekly Round-Up: February 20, 2010

Around the Community This Week

Community Feature of the Week: Myles [1] wrote an amazing story about how his best friend lost his dad in World War II. [2] The ending is truly touching.

Jason [3] asked, “What does leadership mean to you and what new standard could you set for yourself to become a better leader [4]?”

Will [5] is looking for advice on getting long-term disability insurance. [6]

D Hanton [7] asked how many is too many [8] as it concerns sexual partners, children, and pets.

Chris [9] asked, “What are you reading [10]?”

Brad [11] asked, “What are you listening to [12]?”

Mikey [13] is looking for suggestions and tips for a new cigar smoker. [14]

Brian [15] wrote an interesting post on the way we use cognitive distortions [16] to rationalize actions that violate our core values.

Ray [17] started a discussion on the funny things tourists do where you live. [18]

Chris [9] started a discussion on tv shows you can’t believe got canceled. [19]While Leo [20] posted a discussion on which shows you can’t believe haven’t been canceled. [21]

Gabriel [22] started a thread that will be dedicated to showing and talking about the home improvement projects you’re working on. [23]

Matthew [24] wrote an interesting post about being a truck driver. [25]

Chris [9] asked, “What is your American dream [26]?”

General Interest Links

He Clips Hair, Not Conversation. [27] (@NYT) An awesome story about the world’s oldest barber. Anthony Mancinelli has been cutting hair since Calvin Coolidge was president. Now almost 99 years old, he’s still going strong. Now there’s a guy with some stories to tell.

Be a Man: Get What You Want with Integrity [28]. (@Tao of Bachelorhood). Is being an a-hole really the way to get what you want? Michael argues that knowing how to balance being polite and being assertive is actually the real key.

GI Joe ID Quiz [29] (@Mancraft). And now for something with no larger social significance or meaning beyond having a few minutes of fun….an awesome quiz that tests your knowledge of GI Joe characters! How many can you identify?