| February 20, 2010


Weekly Round-Up: February 20, 2010

Around the Community This Week

Community Feature of the Week: Myles wrote an amazing story about how his best friend lost his dad in World War II. The ending is truly touching.

Jason asked, “What does leadership mean to you and what new standard could you set for yourself to become a better leader?”

Will is looking for advice on getting long-term disability insurance.

D Hanton asked how many is too many as it concerns sexual partners, children, and pets.

Chris asked, “What are you reading?”

Brad asked, “What are you listening to?”

Mikey is looking for suggestions and tips for a new cigar smoker.

Brian wrote an interesting post on the way we use cognitive distortions to rationalize actions that violate our core values.

Ray started a discussion on the funny things tourists do where you live.

Chris started a discussion on tv shows you can’t believe got canceled. While Leo posted a discussion on which shows you can’t believe haven’t been canceled.

Gabriel started a thread that will be dedicated to showing and talking about the home improvement projects you’re working on.

Matthew wrote an interesting post about being a truck driver.

Chris asked, “What is your American dream?”

General Interest Links

He Clips Hair, Not Conversation. (@NYT) An awesome story about the world’s oldest barber. Anthony Mancinelli has been cutting hair since Calvin Coolidge was president. Now almost 99 years old, he’s still going strong. Now there’s a guy with some stories to tell.

Be a Man: Get What You Want with Integrity. (@Tao of Bachelorhood). Is being an a-hole really the way to get what you want? Michael argues that knowing how to balance being polite and being assertive is actually the real key.

GI Joe ID Quiz (@Mancraft). And now for something with no larger social significance or meaning beyond having a few minutes of fun….an awesome quiz that tests your knowledge of GI Joe characters! How many can you identify?

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