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Weekly Round-Up: February 13, 2010

AoM on Google Buzz

All you web geeks out there are probably aware, Google released a new feature in Gmail called Buzz. It’s basically like Twitter or Facebook statuses. Anyways, AoM is Buzzing. It’s just one more way you can follow AoM on the web. You can follow us by clicking here.

General Interest Links

The Better Man. Chris Nelson took a look at his life and the choices he’s made and decided that he wasn’t happy with what he saw. So he’s decided to spend a year throwing himself into becoming a better man in all areas of his life. Take a look at his man-ifesto to see all the projects he’s tackling to reach his goal. His blog is a little, uh, saltier? than AoM, but his writing is top notch and frequently hilarious.

ManMade. The craft scene seems to be dominated by women. I’m not talking crafts like carpentry, but craft crafts, like esty.com crafts. But men like making things too, both big and small. Chris Gardner has set out to address the gender imbalance in the craft world with his new blog. Learn how to tailor a button-down shirt, make a keychain screwdriver, sew a necktie, and make a clock out of a bicycle gear.

Farewell Robert B. Parker. Mr. Parker, the novelist who wrote the series about Spenser the private detective (which got turned into the Spenser for Hire television show), passed away last January. Christopher Haley writes a fitting tribute both to the Spenser character and the man who created him. Spen-ser!

The New Math on Campus (@NYT). A really interesting article about how the gender imbalance on college campuses (women 57%/men 43%) is affecting the dating scene.

How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America (@The Atlantic). According to many economists, the U.S. is facing years of continued high unemployment. This article in the Atlantic explores how that will affect American society and families. Lots of focus on how unemployment affects men.

Around the Community This Week

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Adam wrote a blog post on great British men, past and present.

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Peter posed the question of where you would choose to live if you were forced to leave your home country.

Rod wants to start a college group built around learning the art of manliness and is looking for advice on getting one going.

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