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Weekly Round-Up: January, 16, 2010

Art of Manliness Gentleman & Scholar Tee Now Available in Black

Due to popular demand, we are now offering our Gentleman & Scholar tee [1] in black in addition to red. Check out all of AoM’s Tankfarm [2]-designed tees here. [1]


Around the Community This Week

Community Feature of the Week: Tony [3] visited what may be the oldest gym in America [3]-and shares what he learned about it and some great pics. The gym was built inside a Victorian mansion-talk about man space! Very cool. Check it out.

There was a lot of great discussion around the Community this week! Be sure to stop by and lend us your two cents.

In the Man’s Best Friend Group [4], Mike challenged members to do something this year to help shelter/rescue dogs [5]. Are you up for the challenge of helping poor pooches?

Mr. Saleem Huepenny [6] posted an article about the death of strongman Joe Rollino [7]. Joe was the epitome of a time when men were men-he died at 104 and stuck to his fitness and health regimen until being struck by a minivan and killed.

Jonathan [8] invites you to share your favorite inspirational speech. [9]

J.A [10]. shared how he helped a girl who was receiving some unwanted attention [11] from a jerk. And thus earned major gentleman points.

Mr. Menard [12] is looking for advice on kettlebell workouts. [13]

Jesse [14] is looking for recommendations for a good bottle of single malt scotch [15] to get for his dad’s birthday.

TrekkinDave [16] is thinking about becoming a nurse [17] and wants to hear from men already in the field.

Tanner [18] wants to hear about your manly space. [19] What are the most masculine things you have in your house?

Adam [20] wrote up a post entitled: “10 Useless Fact to Impress Your Mates With [21].” And it is exactly as advertised. Do you know what the “WD” in WD-40 stands for?

Ron [22] wrote about his truly admirable and manly 90 minute morning ritual [23]. Ah. I can smell the sausage right through the screen.

Don [24] wrote a nice post about a favorite father/son ritual he had in his boyhood. [25] Breakfast at a diner, a trip to the barbershop, and a nutritious snack: grape soda and a chocolate bar.

Sean [26] is going to be writing posts sharing what woodworking projects he’s working on in his workshop. In this first post he shows us a card table he made for his mother. [27] It’s a real beaut! You can see more pics of his workshop here. [28]

Tool-wielding Ape [29] discusses the very interesting research behind the reasons we swear. [30]

Pylon [31] asked for advice for how to deal with a young boy who has a problem being dishonest. [32]

Chris [33] argued that a man should be completely and totally honest [34] in all his dealings in life.