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Weekly Round-Up: December 19, 2009

Availability of the Art of Manliness Book

If you’re looking for a copy of Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern Man for Christmas, please read this post on the availability of our book [1]. Your best best for finding a copy is looking at your local bookstore and particularly at Borders. They also seem to be available from Hastings’ online store. [2]

Announcing the Winner of the Schott NYC Jacket Giveaway

Jacob Elling of San Antonio, TX  made 1,085 (1,086 counting myself!) other men jealous when his name was drawn as the winner of our Schott NYC giveaway [3]. If you didn’t win, consider buying one of their handmade, Made in America jackets [4] with your Christmas money. Better bundle up in something manly because the weather outside is getting frightful.

Around the Community This Week

Tanner [5] started a discussion about misandry in the media. [6]

Stephen [7] wants to know where he can buy a good suit. [8]

Kevin [9]wants to know what notebooks you use [10] and what you write in them.

Jason [11] offers some thoughts on morality. [12]

Leonard [13] wants to know: “What’s one thing you will do to improve yourself this year [14]?”

Stephen [15] is looking for service project ideas [15]he could do this Christmas season.

Sean [16] wants to know: “Is opera un-manly [17]?”

Todd [18] wrote a blog post about men who make excuses for their failures instead of just manning up. [19]

Ray [20] wrote a blog post about the difficulty in setting a good example for his sons when dealing with his ex-wife. [21]

Topher [22] argued against being too nostalgic about the past. [23]

General Interest Links

Must read of the week: Icon: Clint Eastwood [24](@GQ). Every interview with Clint Eastwood is always gold. He’s simply the man. In this interview he waxes philosophical about manhood and life. Just an incredibly enjoyable read. (Hat Tip: Kenneth C.)

10 Things to Do by the End of the Year [25]. (@Code Name Insight). Here are 10 things to do to get ready for the new year and make sure 2010 goes smoothly.

Advanced Body Weight Workout [26]. (@Nerd Fitness) Don’t belong to a gym but want a workout that will kick your ass? Steve Kamb’s got an easy to follow (but not easy to do!) workout that can be done at home without any weights.