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Weekly Link Round-Up: November 28, 2009

Last Chance to Donate to Movember!

You have just two more days to punch prostate cancer in the throat. Movember ends this Monday. The Art of Manliness team has raised $6,400 so far. If you haven’t already, please consider donating a few dollars to The Art of Manliness Team. You can also help support Movember by buying our Man’s Guide to the Holiday’s ebook. Half the proceeds will go to Movember.

Announcing the Winner of the Mountain and Sackett Tie Giveaway

Congratulations to Dave Hardy for winning the Mountain and Sackett Tie Giveaway. If you entered the contest, you should have received an email from me with a discount code for 20% off any purchase of Mountain and Sackett ties (with the exception of the Autism Speaks collection as 60% of the sales of those ties goes to charity). Get a nice tie for the holiday parties you’ll be attending or get one to place under the tree this Christmas.

In addition to the Saddleback giveaway we’ve got running for the next week, we’ve got two more giveaways planned before Christmas. So keep checking back for more chances to win manly prizes.

Win a Saddleback Briefcase, Laptop Case, or Passport Wallet!

If you haven’t already, be sure to enter our mammoth Saddleback giveaway that’s running until December 7. We’re giving away 3 uber-manly Saddleback prizes and offering multiple ways to win:

  • Grand prize: Limited Edition Art of Manliness/Saddleback briefcase+3 $25 gift cards to the Saddleback online store.
    • How to enter: Submit a photo of yourself in a manly location or doing something manly while reading the Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern Man.
  • Second prize: Saddleback laptop case+2 $25 gift certificates to the Saddleback online store.
    • How to enter: Leave a comment under this post, join the Man Bag Group in the Community, or email the contest to a friend.
  • Third prize: Saddleback passport wallet+1 $25 gift certificate to the Saddleback Leather Company online store.
    • How to enter: Leave a comment under this post, join the Man Bag Group in the Community, or email the contest to a friend.

Be sure to carefully review the giveaway post for details on how to enter. Note: While all you have to do to win the second and third prizes is leave a comment on the giveaway post, you have to leave a comment about something classic and/or timeless! So, “I really want to win!” won’t cut it. I’ve been deleting such comments and individually notifying the posters, but that was becoming an onerous task. So now I’m leaving them be, but rest assured if I draw your name, and your comment is, “Saddleback bags are the coolest!” I will be drawing another name (although you’re right, they are assuredly the coolest).

Oklahoma City Book Signing

If you’re in the Oklahoma City area, stop by the Quail Springs Barnes and Noble on Saturday, December 5, between 2-4 PM. Kate and I will be signing our new book. I’d love to meet you and shake your hand.

Around the Community This Week

Feature of the Week: Ray wrote an excellent blog post about watching Fiddler on the Roof with his sons and the lesson it taught him about the need to keep tradition alive while also being willing to embrace change.

Library Goon posed the question: “If you could fight anyone (living or dead) who would you fight and why?” Some very entertaining responses.

David shared some great thoughts and started a discussion about not only being honest with others but truly honest with ourselves.

Jack started a discussion on the excellent advice you’ve been given in life.

Liam started a discussion about being overly competitive at work.

Reg wrote a post about how to mix the pattern of your ties with the pattern of your shirts. Got another style question? Reg is graciously willing to help.

Oracle989 wrote up 9 maxims to live by.

Yankee Cowboy Bob started a discussion on the “old fashioned” practice of writing a thank you note.

KidKash202 posed the question: “Does it bother women when men have fellowship with each other?”

Michael started a discusion on your “triggers,” the stuff that sets you off and drives you absolutely out of your mind.

Brad started a discussion on what good books have been made into good movies.

General Interest Links

Living with Children. Parenting guru and columnist John Rosemond muses on why men are having trouble growing up and the role that fathers play in this problem. (Hat tip to Jason Y.)

11 iPhone Apps for Stress Free Family Travel (@ mashable) Want to make holiday travel a little less stressful? There’s an app for that. Mashable has put together a killer list of useful iPhone apps to help you get home for the holidays without killing your family. From packing lists to rest area finders, this list has you covered.

Emasculating Truth Testosterone levels in American men have declined 17% since 1987. The stuff that makes a man a man is disappearing before our eyes! An Emasculating Truth is a documentary that’s coming out soon and investigates the causes of this crisis of masculinity. Check out the trailer. Looks like a really fun but thoughtful flick.

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