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Weekly Link Round-Up: November 14, 2009

Announcing the Winner of the Cigar/Beer of the Month Club Giveaway

Congratulations to Jim Rainwater for winning the Cigar/Beer of the Month Club Giveaway. For the next 3 months, Jim will be getting a monthly shipment of 12, 12-ounce microbrews from two lightly distributed domestic microbreweries with a total of 4 different varieties to try. He’ll also get five professionally chosen, hand-rolled cigars from around the world. If you need an easy holiday gift idea for a man in your life, check out the gift subscriptions available at club-offers.com. He’ll think of you fondly each month when new goodies arrive in the mail.

If you didn’t win, don’t despair. We’ve packed this holiday season with a giveaway almost every week until Christmas. So stay tuned for many more chances to win awesomely manly booty.

The Art of Manliness Movember Team

The second week of Movember is coming to an end. The AoM Movember Team has raised $3,696 so far. Our goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of the month. If you haven’t donated (or even if you have) click on this link to make a donation on Movember’s secure server.

Here are the top 5 fundraisers from our Movember Team

Michael Miller    $ 595.00
Paul Fournier    $ 480.00
Chuck Balog    $ 340.00
Greg Park    $ 323.00
Ryan Gorman    $ 220.00

Don’t forget that half of every purchase of a Man’s Guide to the Holidays eBook goes to the AoM Movember team. So even if you’re not growing a stache, you can still contribute to a great cause (and get lots of great holidays tips!)

Around the Community This Week

Michael is buying a new computer and needs some advice on what to get. Weigh in.

Jack wants to hear about the benefits of getting older. Besides being eligible for the senior citizen discount at Denny’s.

Bad boys seems to get all the girls. But it’s not so much their badness that attracts the ladies as it is their confidence and spontaneity. Jamie started a discussion on how nice guys can incorporate the good aspects of the “bad boy.”

Captain G asks, “Is it ever too late to start over professionally?”

Mark wants to know what lessons you’ve learned from raising a son.

Herb started a thread where you can share stories of your family and friends, both living and dead, who served in our armed services and deserve to be honored.

Dagwood was right. The sandwich is essential man food. Don wants to know what you like to put between two slices of bread.

James! wrote a blog post about that singular moment in every parent’s life-when they tell their kid that Santa Claus isn’t real.

Carlos wrote a great blog post about his grandpa, who is truly an extraordinary man.

Lee wrote a blog post about his first deer hunting outing. He bagged a buck! Guy’s got quite a hunting future ahead of him.

Links From Around the Web

Hierarchy of Beards An amazing pictorial representation of the hierarchy of beards. Where does your beard rank? (Hat Tip to Chris)

Moustache Care (via GQ) For those of you growing a mustache for Movember, take a look at this short guide from GQ on how to get that uber-cool curl on your mustache a la Rollie Fingers.

Philly Tweed Ride Tweed Rides are popping up all around the U.S. People get together dressed to the nines in tweed knickers, ride bikes, and play old timey games. It’s like a critical mass ride, except instead of protesting big oil, you’re out supporting the return of tweed. The Philly Tweed ride was held last week. Check out the photos from the event. It might inspire you to start a Tweed Ride in your town.

10 Steps to Increasing Your Financial Resilience (@ Schaefer’s Blog) AoM contributing writer, Cameron Schaefer wrote a post on his blog on 10 things you can do today to increase your financial resilience. It’s a nice reminder of the basics we all should be doing to maximize our financial life.

Letters of Note Letters of Note scans old letters, postcards, telegrams, and memos and posts them up on the site daily. Lots of interesting stuff there. I always have enjoyed reading old letters. It’s a great way to learn history from the people who actually lived it. 

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