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The Weekly Link Round-Up: October 17, 2009

Signed Copies of the Art of Manliness Book

Art of Manliness [1]

You can now order signed copies of the new Art of Manliness book through our site. Even if you’re not hankering for our John Hancocks, if you reside in a far flung place of the world where the book is not yet available, this is a great way of getting your hands on a copy. See this page for details. [2]

New Prize Added to the Art of Manliness Community

ties [3]

As you may or may not be aware, by participating in the Community [4] you earn manliness points that can be redeemed for prizes [5]. Since the huhman [6] has captured our then highest prize, a Hawaiiabera [7] shirt, by earning 4,000 points, we’ve added another golden ring for members to aim for. The fine men at the Mountain and Sackett [8] tie company, the makers of the world’s only 100% handmade regimental tie [9], have graciously donated their handsome ties to the cause. The first 5 men who earn 10,000 points will be richly rewarded with a Mountain and Sackett [8] tie.

As a side note, Mountain and Sackett will be doing another giveaway [10] with us in November. So stay tuned!

Around the Community This Week

Community Highlight of the Week: Philip Rodney Moon [11] wrote a great blog post about “The Five Acquaintances Every Man Should Have [12].” Do you have these important men in your network?

William [13] would like to hear from members of the military and the family of military members about ways we can help support the troops. [14]

Bryan [15] is looking for advice on how to respectfully resign a leadership position. [16]

Jeff [17] is looking for tips on how to craft an effective elevator pitch. [18]

Yankee Cowboy Bob [19] wants to know why a man should keep a journal. [20]

SamwiseGrangee [21] started a discussion on why listening to and understanding classical music [22] is important and asked for feedback on readers’ favorite composers.

Jamie [23] started a discussion on public education [24]versus alternatives like private school and home schooling.

Scott [25] started a discussion on taking an interest in one’s ancestry [26] [26]and is looking for tips on how to do genealogical work.

Nathan [26] wrote a blog post [27] about how starting a blog where he posts 10 things he’s thankful for every day helped alleivate his depression. It’s an awesome idea, and you can check out his blog here. [28]

Behold the most important painting [29] in the world! In James!’ [30] world at least.

General Interest Links

Zen Family Habits. [31] Leo Babauta, the man behind the popular blog Zen Habits [32], has recently started a site dedicated to helping people simplify family life and improve family relationships. If you’re a dad, check out Zen Family Habits [33] and subscribe.

Militaryboots.com [34] is holding a contest to find the world’s most battered, tattered, worn-out pair of boots. Participants must submit a photo of their boots and a story of where their boots have been. The winner gets a lifetime supply of boots. (Hat tip to Dan O’Connell)

Woodworking Magazine [35] held a contest where they asked readers to turn an Altoids can into a working tool. The results are pretty cool and interesting. (Hat tip to roadbelow)

50 Rules to Being a Gentleman [36] (@ king mag) One website’s take on the rules every gentleman should follow.

18 Minute Plan to Managing Your Day [37] (@ harvard business publishing) Looking to get more done during your day? Take the advice of consultant Peter Bregman and start a daily planning ritual. The kicker is you don’t need to spend an hour or even thirty minutes planning. 18 minutes spread throughout the day will do the trick.