| October 5, 2009


Announcing the Launch of the Art of Manliness Book!

Art of Manliness

Well it’s been over a year in the making and Kate and I are proud to announce to launch of the Art of Manliness book!

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Why an Art of Manliness Book?

I’ll level with you, there are a ton of “man skill” books out there. But while they offer advice on how to make  a potato gun and get a stripper’s phone number, they don’t point the way towards becoming a better man. And there are also books out there about the philosophy of manliness. But they don’t offer any practical advice for putting those theories into practice. What hasn’t been available is a book that combines both fun and substance. A book that provides plenty of “how-to” tips, while situated in the context of becoming the best man you can be. Until now.

If you enjoy the Art of Manliness website, you can now have some of our best advice all in one place, in one comprehensive, nicely formatted, handsomely illustrated whole. The Art of Manliness book is also fantastic for the husband, brother, boyfriend, or son that you’ve been trying to turn on to the website. The book is perfect for both boys and men who want to better themselves.

About the Art of Manliness Book

We’ve made an About page just for the book where you can  look around, learn more about the book, and even read a whole chapter from the book. Check it out.

Buy the Art of Manliness Book-Get Our New Ebook, the “Man’s Guide to the Holidays,” for FREE

In honor of this first week of the book launch, we are offering an awesome, unbeatable deal. We’ve just completed a new ebook: Man’s Guide to the Holidays. There are plenty of holiday guides out there for women, but until now there’s never been anything specifically written for men. The ebook will teach you all the skills a man needs to know to make the holidays a magical and festive time. The book is priced at $9.95, but until Monday, October 12th, if you buy a copy of the Art of Manliness book, you can get the Man’s Guide to the Holidays absolutely free. Two books for the price of one! See this page for details.

Support the Art of Manliness Book Launch

We can’t afford a fancy publicist to get the word out about the book, so we’re relying on the Art of Manliness army to trumpet the book far and wide. We’d love to really put manliness on the map! Right now the media seems to ignore the fact that there are men and women out there who are tired of men simply being presented and marketed to as dumb brutes. Let’s get people talking about this emerging movement towards honorable manliness!

Here are some ways you can help us get the word out about the book:

  • Buy the book on Amazon on Monday, October 5. If you’re planning on buying the book, buy it on Monday. We’d like to get as high on Amazon’s bestseller list on Monday as humanely possible, which can generate some additional exposure for the book.
  • If you liked the book, please post a review on Amazon and let other people know.
  • Tweet the Art of Manliness book page to your friends.
  • Put an overlay of the book in your Twitter avatar.
  • Share a link to the Art of Manliness book page on Facebook.
  • Ask your local bookstores if they are carrying the book.
  • If you have a blog, blog about the book.
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