| October 3, 2009


Best of Art of Manliness: September 2009

Fall is in full swing here in Vermont. The fall foliage has almost reached its peak. Kate and I have climbed several mountains in the past few weeks in order to enjoy this spectacular display of nature’s splendor.

The biggest event in September here on the blog was the start of the Art of Manliness Podcast. We’ve received very positive responses so far to this new aspect of the site. Over 8,500 of you have subscribed to the show via iTunes. Thanks for the encouragement and feedback. I’m still pretty green behind the ears, but I’ll be trying to improve each week.

October will be a very exciting month for the Art of Manliness. The Art of Manliness book will be launching this Monday, and we have some cool stuff lined up for that day. Kate and I have been working on the book for over a  year, and we’d love to see it be a monster success and put manliness on the map! Please check back on Monday for more info about the book. Hopefully, what you’ll see will motivate you to go out and buy it!

Wolverine 1,000 Mile Boot Giveaway

Last week we ran a fun giveaway for a pair of Wolverine 1,000 Mile boots. Over 1,000 of you left a comment to enter. We had a good time reading them, well, maybe not the 6 mentions of the lyrics to a certain Proclaimers song. Unfortunately, there could only be one winner, and that lucky man is Jack Wapner. Congratulations, Jack! We hope you enjoy taking your Wolverine 1,000 Mile boots on many adventures.

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The Community

The blog isn’t the only part of the Art of Manliness site. If you’d like to connect with other men who are interested in rediscovering the lost art of manliness, make sure to join the Community. We have nearly 5,000 registered members from all over the world. In the Community, you can share manly pics, write a blog post about a manly skill, or take part in one of the hundreds of discussions going on.

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