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Weekly Link Round-Up: September 19, 2009

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Lessons in Manliness: Theodore Roosevelt and the Spanish-American War

Do More Than One Stinking Pull-Up

Are the Suburbs Killing Your Manhood?

General Interest Links

100 Things to Do During a Money Free Weekend (@ the simple dollar) We’re all trying to stretch our money further these days. Trent at The Simple Dollar came up with the idea of having “money free weekends.” Basically, you pick one or two weekends a month where you spend absolutely no money. In this article, he gives 100 suggestions of things you can do during a money free weekend.

High Five Nation (@NYT). This is one of the best things I’ve read in awhile. Columinst David Brooks talks about the humility of the World War II generation and how that culture of humility has ebbed away.

Stache Bash.Do you live in the St. Louis area? Do you have a mustache or wish you did? Do you listen to John Oates on your ipod 25 times a day? Then you better makes plans to attend the Stache Bash put on by the American Mustache Institute, the institute that makes all other institutes look like gatherings of sissy schoolgirls.

30 Days to a Better Parent. Over at the Dad of Divas blog, they’re running a 30 Days to a Better Parent series. They’re a week into a the project, but I think it would be easy to catch up. If you’re a dad, I highly recommend taking part.

Tyler Durden’s Guide To Personal Finance (@ man vs. debt) I love the movie Fight Club, so I was happy to see Man vs. Debt extrapolate personal finances lessons from the film. Remember, you are not your khakis.

Car Manuals for Old Cars | The Old Car Manual Project Do you have an old car you’re working or or restoring, but are missing the owner’s manual for it? Check out the Old Car Manual Project. They scan and catalog owner’s manuals for cars going all the way back to the 1920s. Even if you don’t own an old car, it’s fun to check out this interesting piece of history.

A Nation of Wimps (@ psychology today) A great article on how we’re sanitizing childhood and raising less resilient kids. We wrote about not coddling your kids a while back ago and it generated a lot of discussion. Do you agree with the Psychology Today article? Are we raising a Nation of Wimps?

Around the Community This Week

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Is intoxication ever an excuse for your behavior?

What is the proper protocol when dating more than one woman?

Johnathan started a discussion on “moments of manhood.” When did you transition from being a boy to being a man?

Dave asked for advice on how to do a written budget.

Amateur Adventurer started a discussion about political correctness.

Mike started a discussion about Kayne West’s jackassery and about other examples of jackassery.

Trey started a discussion about what he feels is the discouraging direction the country is going.

The huhman started a discussion about why men hate going to weddings.

Asa started a discussion about manly tv icons.


In one of our newer groups, Men of the Dutch Oven, Robert started a discussion on what kind of cast iron cooking gear you own.

In AoM Do It Yourself-ers, James shared a great list of websites where you can get DIY project ideas.

In the Philosopher’s Group, Shaun is looking for a group mottoand wonders “Who is the manliest philopsher?

In the Writers Group, Topher wants to know what inspires your writing.

In the Evangelists of Manliness Group, I talked about supporting the Art of Manliness by becoming a fan of it on Facebook.

In the Exercise Group, Mark is looking for advice on losing the middle aged gut.

In the Men in the Kitchen, Mike bought up the fact that breakfast has always been thought of as the man’s meal and wants to know what you eat to kick start your day.

In the AoM Boxers, Adam wants to know your thoughts on tonight’s fight betweenMayweather and Marquez.

In the 21rst Century Gentlemen Group, Ricky is looking for modern day examples of 21rst C.G.

Blog Posts

Mike Norris wrote posts on how to make an Old Fashioned cocktail and how to open a bottle of champagne with a saber.

Robert wrote an excellent post about the relationship between warriors and art.

Sam wrote a post about the actor Sterling Hayden.

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