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The Weekly Round-Up

Art of Manliness Contests

Congratulations to Daniel Fryar from Colorado and David Jones from Wisconsin for winning the Retribing Giveaway [1]. If you didn’t win, consider picking up a copy of Retribing [2] to help teach a young man you know about the importance of mentorship.

Picks from the Art of Manliness Archives

If you’re new to the site, you’ve missed out on more than a year and half of manliness here at AoM. We have a lot of gems in the archives waiting to be discovered, so I thought I’d start pulling out a few every week to see the light of day.

So You Want to Become a Man [3]

How to Snag a Souvenir Baseball [4]

10 Ways to be a Gentleman at the Gym [5]

Community Round-Up

The Forum

Dave [6] started a great discussion on the attributes of our fathers and grandfathers [6] that we want to emulate and their pitfalls that we want to avoid.

If you could sit down with 5 men, dead or alive [7], and talk the night away, who would you choose? A great discussion started by Ryan [8].

Asa [9] is looking for advice on how to give the birds and the bees talk [10] to his son.

Ryan [11] posed the question, “What is patriotism [12]?”

Robert [13] made a list of 10 Manly Charities [14].

The Yankee Cowboy [15] muses about having old possessions [16] that are hard to throw away.

Caleb [17] needs advice on how to quit smoking [18].

Thad [19] posed this question [20], “Has the recession stopped you from going to the barber?”

Romance in the workplace [21]….yay or nay?

Mike [22] started a discussion about the tv show Mad Men [23]. Are you a fan?

The Art of Manliness Weekly Roundup: New Server Edition


In the Men in the Kitchen [25] Group, Shaun [26] wants to hear about your favorite cooking shows [27].

In the Book [28] Group, Topher [29] started a discussion about manly characters in literature [30], and I [31] started a discussion about reading through the great books series. [32]

In the the Beer Appreciation Soceity [33], Zach [34] asked about your experience with mixing beers [35].

In the Man Bags [36]Group, Johnathan [37] offers tips on how to pack lightly [38].

In the Manly Dads [39] Group, Topher [29] started a discussion on dealing with tough dad moments [40], like telling your kid that the dog died.

In the PhotoGroup, James [41] started a discussion about what cameras you own [42]. And the huhman [43] inquired about how much old cameras were worth. [44]

In the Film Group [43], Andrew [45]started a discussion on the most overrated movies of all time [46] and James! [47] gave his review of the new flick Inglorious Basterds [48].

In the Philosophers [49]Group, Shaun [26] posed these questions:

Is it better to get married or stay a bachelor [50]?

When is it okay to use violence? [51]

Blog Posts

David [52] wrote a blog post in which he shared 5 ideas for how to approach issues of our government and politics. [52]

James! [47]wrote a post about his gym. [53]