| September 5, 2009


The Weekly Round-Up

Art of Manliness Contests

Congratulations to Daniel Fryar from Colorado and David Jones from Wisconsin for winning the Retribing Giveaway. If you didn’t win, consider picking up a copy of Retribing to help teach a young man you know about the importance of mentorship.

Picks from the Art of Manliness Archives

If you’re new to the site, you’ve missed out on more than a year and half of manliness here at AoM. We have a lot of gems in the archives waiting to be discovered, so I thought I’d start pulling out a few every week to see the light of day.

So You Want to Become a Man

How to Snag a Souvenir Baseball

10 Ways to be a Gentleman at the Gym

Community Round-Up

The Forum

Dave started a great discussion on the attributes of our fathers and grandfathers that we want to emulate and their pitfalls that we want to avoid.

If you could sit down with 5 men, dead or alive, and talk the night away, who would you choose? A great discussion started by Ryan.

Asa is looking for advice on how to give the birds and the bees talk to his son.

Ryan posed the question, “What is patriotism?”

Robert made a list of 10 Manly Charities.

The Yankee Cowboy muses about having old possessions that are hard to throw away.

Caleb needs advice on how to quit smoking.

Thad posed this question, “Has the recession stopped you from going to the barber?”

Romance in the workplace….yay or nay?

Mike started a discussion about the tv show Mad Men. Are you a fan?


In the Men in the Kitchen Group, Shaun wants to hear about your favorite cooking shows.

In the Book Group, Topher started a discussion about manly characters in literature, and I started a discussion about reading through the great books series.

In the the Beer Appreciation Soceity, Zach asked about your experience with mixing beers.

In the Man Bags Group, Johnathan offers tips on how to pack lightly.

In the Manly Dads Group, Topher started a discussion on dealing with tough dad moments, like telling your kid that the dog died.

In the PhotoGroup, James started a discussion about what cameras you own. And the huhman inquired about how much old cameras were worth.

In the Film Group, Andrew started a discussion on the most overrated movies of all time and James! gave his review of the new flick Inglorious Basterds.

In the Philosophers Group, Shaun posed these questions:

Is it better to get married or stay a bachelor?

When is it okay to use violence?

Blog Posts

David wrote a blog post in which he shared 5 ideas for how to approach issues of our government and politics.

James! wrote a post about his gym.

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