| August 15, 2009


Art of Manliness Weekly Round-Up: 30 Days to a Better Man Ebook Edition

This week we announced the release of the 30 Days to a Better Man eBook. Thanks to everyone who’s bought one so far. If you’d like to be able to print off and read our popular 30 Days to a Better Man series in an easy to read PDF, click here and download it. For just $2.50, you’ll get a 90 page book with text and worksheets designed to make you a better man.

Art of Manliness Contests

The Beau Ties Ltd of Vermont Giveaway. If you need any proof that the bow tie enjoys a wider audience than nerds and professors, behold the 552 and counting comments on this giveaway. The bowtie is back baby. The contest ends on Monday, so enter today. Everyone who enters will be emailed a discount for 20% off a purchase from Beau Ties Ltd.

Around the Community This Week

A central aspect of the Art of Manliness Community is the opportunity it gives men to offer and receive advice from other men. Maybe you have some life experiences that could help another man who is struggling in a certain area or about to embark on a new venture. There were a lot of questions put out there this week from men looking for wisdom from the collective man mind, so I decided to devote this week’s round-up to them. What advice would you give to a man that:

Links From Around the Web

Six Supposedly Feminine Skills That Every Man Should Master (@ primer) Specialization is for insects. A man should know how to do anything and everything, even skills traditionally associated with women. Primer takes a look at six of these supposed feminnine skills that every functioning adult male should know how to do.

Ode to Grandparents (@ code name insight) Did your grandparents pass on useful skills to you? Code Name Insight makes a list of valuable skills he learned from his grandparents. They include things like shooting a gun, enjoying the wilderness, and not letting food scraps go to waste.

Simple Ways to Cool Your Home and Save Big (@ mother earth news) Looking to cut down on energy costs this summer? Check out these easy tips you can implement today.

Top Ten Lessons from the U.S. Navy: What entrepreneurs and executives can learn from sailors (@ usni)  A nice write up on the lessons a man can glean from how the navy operates it’s aircraft carriers. My favorite: Accountability and Continuous Improvement.

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