| August 8, 2009


The Art of Manliness Weekly Link Round-Up: Help an AoM Reader Get on Mad Men Edition


Long time AoM reader Leo M. Mulvihill has a chance to score a walk on role to the AMC series Mad Men. But he needs our help. Click here and give him 5 stars. You can vote once a day until August 11. So vote early and often. I think it would be pretty dang cool if we can help Leo win this. Just look at him! He looks like he just walked out of 1960.

Speaking of Mad Men, I’m a fan of the show. The costuming and sets are fantastic and the writing is killer. The characters on the show are a reminder of what happens when manliness turns into prickishness. While it’s okay to imitate the style and swagger of the men at Sterling Cooper, don’t imitate their character.

Links From Around the Web

Mad Men Yourself.com Alright, I promise this will be the last Mad Men reference today (I promise they’re not paying me a dime-I just like the show). To promote the new season, AMC has created Mad Men Yourself.com. You can create a swanky little avatar for your Facebook profile. Nothing really useful, but fun to do if you’re just mindlessly surfing the web.

Why men in ads are dumb, goofy, or completely inept (hat tip to Jack Donovan) The depiction of men in the media is a disgrace. They’re always stupid or childish and women are always smart, mature, and rolling their eyes at their idiot husbands. This article in the Globe and Mail investigates why advertisers do this and shows that maybe it’s not working they way they thought it would.

Victory Mail of the Second World War (@ a continuous lean) I enjoy studying World War II,  and I love learning new details about life during this pivotal time in history. That’s why I was stoked to find this article about Victory Mail in my feed reader from A Continuous Lean. Learn how the army handled the huge influx of mail from soldiers’ families. Very cool.

Money Rule #8: Take Care of Your Things (@ the simple dollar) Trent at The Simple Dollar continues his series on money rules to live by. This week’s rule is to take care of your things. Be like grandpa: use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

Around the Community This Week

Will started a discussion on how to promote clear and intelligent rhetoric, a skill that has obviously stopped being taught to people in our modern age. Which prompted Will to pose another question, “What should we be teaching in schools?

Manley is looking for good, non-mainstream, manly music that can be downloaded for free.

Brian started a discussion on the merits of using credit cards versus cash. Which do you prefer?

Peter wants to make an effective but cheap and simple home gym. What kinds of things should he build and buy?

Nick wants to know your thoughts on wearing  a hat with long hair. Yay or nay?

I asked about your first shave. Like me, many men hid the fact that they started shaving from their parents. None of us know why we did.

Robot Fighter lives in Britain but has a hankering for American cereals. His friend can bring him back some of our tasty boxes of breakfast goodness. Which do you recommend?

Ian Dundrillon has started the Art of Manliness Beard and Mustache Society photo album. If you have a beard or a mustache, add your ugly mug to the album.

In the Philosopher’s Group, Shaun posted some new questions:

Physical characteristics aside, can men be distinguished from women?

Devil’s Advocate #2: A hypothetical religious man feels it is his duty to steer people from their erroneous beliefs in order to save their immortal soul. What is your opinion of this man and his mission?

In the Men with Beards Group, Brad started a discussion about the trials and troubles of beards. Why do people make such a big deal out of a very natural thing?

In the Men in the Kitchen Group, Shaun wants to hear what’s for dinner tonight.

The Football Group has started a fantasy football league. Join up!

In the Book Group, Peter started a discussion on the best books written in the last 10 years.

In the Putting the Man in Humanist Group, Jeff started a discussion on the positive attributes of the world’s religions.

In the Romancers Group, Ian is looking for advice on writing a killer love letter.

Joseph wrote a blog post on whether healthcare should be a for profit venture.

Symplectic wrote a blog post on the value of a college education. Is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

Andrew wrote a sweet poem called “The Man.”

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