| August 2, 2009


Art of Manliness Weekly Link Roundup: 10 Year Reunion Edition

Last night was Kate’s ten year high school reunion. It was at the Oklahoma Aquarium. There was food, drinking, dancing, and some badass sharks. Kate was in charge of putting it on and she did a bang up job. Everyone had a great time and I’m really proud of her.

Let’s take a look at some links.

General Interest Links

Once Upon a Time, A Real Leading Man (@NYT). There’s a Cary Grant film festival going on in NYC, and this article talks about how they just don’t make movie stars like Grant anymore. “Kael noted in 1975, during his lifetime, that it was impossible to imagine Grant in the macho action and crime films that were beginning to dominate Hollywood. It’s equally impossible to imagine him in the soggy, misogynistic, stealth-macho geekfests that pass for romantic comedy now. Watching him is to be reminded of a time when intelligence, grace and self-containment were their own rewards. The 21st century, so far, hasn’t deserved him.”

Masculinity’s Delayed Adolescence (@The Culture Warf). By comparing the metaphorical adolescence that men seem to be stuck in today with actual adolescence, Matt Higgins develops an interesting analogy to explain the current state of men. Do men need a Masculinism movement like the Feminism movement?

Around the Community This Week

Manley (Yup, that’s his real name) started a discussion on where you go to get away from it all, to find solitude and sanctuary.

Our resident adventurer, Chris Hutcheson, so identified with the Rudyard Kipling poem If, that he got an If tattoo on his arm. Check out the sweet pic.

Woody is taking the plunge into house buying and is looking for advice from those who have gone through this process.

Brian makes a case for bringing the vest back into fashion. Are you in?

Gryphon shared his tips on how to save and handle money responsibly. Add your own tips to the discussion.

Andy started a discussion on a manly skill we don’t think of very often: accepting generosity.

Cowboy Bob wrote a blog post about dealing with depression.

In the Manly Camping Group, the Conochokid wants to know if there are other men in the Community who are into primitive or survival camping.

In the Baseball Group, John started a discussion about the trade deadline.

And as always, don’t forget to check into the Philosopher’s Group for great questions posted by Shaun like:

Is killing in self-defense morally permissible?

Should the West be doing more to help the Third World?

Shaun has also started a new series called “Fix This,” where he poses a problem and and asks for your opinions on how the problem should be fixed. The first in this series is:

Homelessness-how can it be remedied?


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