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Announcing the New Art of Manliness T-Shirts

Well we’ve upped the design on the Art of Manliness website and we thought it was time to up the coolness of our t-shirts as well. We’ve teamed up with the awesome men at Tankfarm Clothing [1] to create a new line of AoM shirts. Not only are the designs uber manly, the t-shirts themselves are of the highest quality, baby soft, and fit nicely to your manly physique.

All the tees are $16.50 and can be ordered from the Art of Manliness store. [2] If you don’t have the scratch to buy one, don’t forget that you can obtain a shirt the good old fashioned way: by earning one.

Many, many thanks to the manly men of Tankfarm [1] tees for putting these shirts and the AoM store together for us. You are outstanding men and we are proud to be associated with you.