| July 11, 2009


Weekly Round-Up: New Redesign Edition

So this week was AoM’s very first with our new facelift. I think the Art of Manliness is looking pretty dang sharp. We’ve been tweaking little issues this week. If you encounter any problems, please let us know. Some of you have mentioned that you have to complete a “captcha” to leave a comment. This shouldn’t be happening, so if it is, again, let us know. Otherwise, just bask in the newly upped manliness of the design.

Now let’s take a look at other things that have been happening around the blog this week:

Art of Manliness Contests

The Toilet Paper Contest

The Toilet Paper randomly drew an email from those who signed up for their updates, and the winner of a new Amazon Kindle is……

Marshall McClure from North Carolina

Hope you enjoy that Kindle, Marshall!

AoM Community PhotoGroup Photo Contest

The PhotoGroup hosted a father-themed photo contest last month and the excellent entries have been narrowed down to 4 superb finalists. The winner is selected by popular vote, and voting ends today, so stop by and pick your favorite. And take a minute to watch this great video of all the entries that was put together by the huhman:

Around the Community This Week

Within the Book Group, the Book Club has decided to read The Count of Monte Cristo. You have two weeks to read it and then they’ll discuss it. Join in!

Will started a discussion about books about manliness and lists some of his recommendations.

Todd started a discussion about manly names. You can’t go wrong with Optimus Prime.

If you want kids and you spouse decides that they don’t, is that a deal breaker? Weigh in on this weighty topic.

Craig posted a heartwarming story about his Fourth of July with his family.

Tyler posed the question, “What man most personifies the Art of Manliness? A great question in itself, but it also spawned another question: Is it ever manly to kill yourself?

Todd started a discussion about how to decorate a man’s apartment.

Liam started a discussion about having a positive attitude about aging.

James wrote an excellent blog post about the difference between passion and posturing.

In the Motorcycles Group, Claude posed the question, “If money were no object, what bike would you add to your collection and why?

In the Philosopher’s Group, Christatos Aristad grapples with the economy of life and whether it’s moral to kill some people in order to save others.

In that same group, Shaun posed his usual thought-provoking questions like:

Is it wrong to choose not to have children?

When does the Boy become the Man?

Is it right to “promote” the spread of democracy?

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