| July 7, 2009


Art of Manliness Housekeeping: RSS Feed and Email Updates Fixed

If you subscribe to the Art of Manliness through RSS feed or by email updates, you may have noticed that you haven’t seen anything new from AoM in about a week. No, we haven’t stopped blogging; perish the thought! This past weekend we’ve been doing some updates on the server and on the site’s design. During the update, we had a small glitch that caused our RSS feed and email newsletters not to update. We apologize for the inconvenience.Things should be back to normal again.

While you weren’t getting updates, a lot was going on at The Art of Manliness. To help catch you up, here’s what you missed:

Welcome to The Art of Manliness Redesign (Come visit the site! It has been completely redesigned.)

Motivational Posters: George S. Patton Edition

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