| June 27, 2009

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Weekly Link Round-up: Week 4 of the 30 Days to a Better Man Challenge

Art of Manliness Contests

The first thing I’d like to bring to your attention is the fact that we have a couple of contests that have been running during this month that are ending June 30. So if you’ve been meaning to enter them, don’t delay!

The 30 Days to a Better Man Challenge

We’re now in the final stretch of the 30 Days to a Better Man Project! There are but 3 tasks left to complete. Don’t give up now; finish strong. Remember, what really counts is how we play in the fourth quarter when we’re all tuckered out.

Here’s a rundown of what we worked on this week:

Day 21: Write Your Own Eulogy. It’s always good to confront your mortality from time to time. The realization that you will one day be six feet under should motivate you to seize the day! What do you hope people say about you at your funeral? Let us know in the Community.

Day 22: Improve Your Posture. Parents and teachers didn’t tell you to stand up straight just to bug you. Proper posture nets you several real benefits, including improved focus, health, and confidence. So stop slouching and tell us about how great it feels to sit up straight in the Community.

Day 23: Learn a Manual Skill. Being handy and learning a craft gives you a sense of satisfaction that cannot be duplicated or imitated. So pick a manual skill you’ve always wanted to learn and go to it. Let us know what you’ve chosen to learn in the Community.

Day 24: Play! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and a dull man. Play is essential part of a healthy and satisfying life. Tell us how you played this week in the Community.

Day 25: Start a Debt Reduction Plan. Debt is enslaving and keeps a man from becoming totally independent and self-reliant. Don’t just ignore it and pretend like it’s not there; start attacking that ugly debt today. Tell us how you’re going to go about slaying your debt in the Community.

Day 26: Take the Marine Corps Fitness Challenge. It’s one thing to gauge our fitness in our minds, and another entirely to put your bodies to the test. By taking the Marines Corps Fitness Challenge, you’ll get a needed gut check and some solid motivation to get in better shape. Take the test and post your results in the Community.

Day 27: Start a Book. It’s DEAR time! Drop Everything and Read. It’s time to turn off the tube, step away from the computer, and dive into a good book. Let us know what you’re reading in the Community.

Around the Community This Week

Padraic started a discussion about the most recent politician to be caught having an affair, Mark Sanford. Padraic is annoyed with the number of prominent men who have lately fallen from grace, but Joseph says that what happens in the bedroom isn’t as important as the kind of job a man does. What say ye?

Todd started a discussion of what constitutes a manly work ethic and how to develop one.

Christopher, who makes hand-bound moleskine-esque notebooks, has posted a picture of a sample of his work.

Brian posed this question, “What’s your favorite cologne?”

Well, Stephen Farrar needed some advice about what to expect from West Point, and this week, kpeckham is seeking some tips from those who attended the Air Force Academy.

Cristatos posted a blog post about his adventures in India and his quest to track down a masterful hunter of man-eating tigers.

Rich Kauffman posted a great essay about why he performs service.

In the Philosophers Group, Shaun Daws posed his usual interesting questions, like:

Is there honor in war?

Is hunting for sport an ethical pursuit?

Weigh in on a discussion Jacob started in the Beer Appreciation Society: What is your favorite of the cheap stuff?

Speaking of beer, Adam asked his fellow home brewers what they’ve been brewing lately.

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