| June 20, 2009

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Weekly Link Round: Week 3 of 30 Days to a Better Man

Well we’re finished with yet another week of our 30 Days to a Better Man Project. We have only 10 tasks left! It’s time to dig in your heels and commit yourself to finishing strong. Here’s what we were working on this week:

Day 15: Make a Meal. Reading through your responses to this task made me hungry. It sounds like a lot of you men are pretty darn good cooks, and I’d love to sit down for a meal with you sometime. If you haven’t cooked this week yet, whip something up today. Tell us what you made and post a pic if you’d like on the Community page.

Day 16: Create a Budget. Some of you are using budgets already. And that’s great. But if you’re not, make sure you make some time this weekend to sit down and get your finances in order. And be sure to share you budgeting tips and advice with us in the Community.

Day 17: Talk to 3 Strangers. Even though this task took some of you outside of your comfort zone, I was happy to see many of you manned up, took the challenge, and had positive experiences from it. If you haven’t completed the task yet, this weekend as you’re running errands might be a great time to follow through. Keep yourself accountable by reporting back to the Community.

Day 18: Find Your N.U.Ts. I’m afraid the importance of this task got lost in a debate about whether or not you’re a fan of Wayne. Whether you’d like to grab a beer with him or punch his lights out, every man should be clear about what his non-negotiable, unalterable terms are. If you haven’t done so already, spend some time thinking about them and share them with us in the Community.

Day 19: Schedule a Physical. Every man needs to get all his man parts checked out from time to time. Even if the doctor makes you squeamish, man up and make an appointment to see him. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, let us know on the Community page.

Day 20: Perform Service. This is might be the most important task of the whole series. So find or create a project this weekend where you can put your time, talent, and resources to work. Let us know what you’ve decided to do in the Community.

Art of Manliness Contests

Remember that we have 2 great contests running on the site this month:

Around the Community This Week

MR Johnson started the Manly Men of Color Group. The group is not just for black males, but for all men of color who are looking to be better men.

Stephen Farrar started the Armed Forces Group for men who has been part of any branch of the military. Come and share stories of your experiences and background in the armed services.

As always, Shaun Daws continues to post interesting questions in the Philosophers Group. Drop in and lend your 2 cents to questions like:

Is there a God, and if so, why is there any question about it?

What is it that makes a life worth living?

Is online file sharing of coprrighted material ethical?

Community members have been discussing a question James posed about how many suits a man should own.

A lady member of the community, Sarah Lashley, has a client that has a serious problem with razor burn and ingrown hairs. She’s looking for some shaving advice that could help him with this problem.

Christatos Aristad shared what he’ll be doing on Father’s Day and wants to hear what you have planned for honoring your father, or what you think your family has planned for you.

Abisko is looking for recommendations for books on parenting children older than 2 years old.

Jared Padgett wrote some nice musings on Father’s Day. He also posted a great video of his family jamming out at a reunion.

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