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Weekly Link Round-Up: Week 2 of 30 Days to a Better Man

Well we’re just about at the halfway mark of the 30 Days to a Better Man Project. How have you done so far? Is your commitment wavering or are you manning up each and every day and getting every task done? How many tasks have you completed? 10 out of 13? 8 out of 13? How many of you men out there have done perfectly so far, nailing 13 out of 13?

If you’re behind, never fear. You can always get back in the saddle and catch up. Here’s a rundown of this week’s tasks:

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Art of Manliness Contests

Don’t forget that we have two really cool contests going on during the month of June.

Favorite Comment of the Week

Wayne’s post [39] on Thursday drew a variety of interesting responses. I particularly enjoyed this response from Will:

“There’s a magnificent, life-changing, treasurable type of relationship you can get with a woman, once called marriage, now without a clearly distinguishable name. You can’t get it by sticking your toe in; you can’t get it by deciding to stay together so long as you shall both think it’s a good idea. You *can* get it by both of you deciding that even if you regret it later, even if she’s hit by a car and has to be in adult diapers for the rest of her life, even if she turns into a harridan, your commitment is irrevocable.

If you think of leaving someone because she’s not supportive, you don’t have that type of commitment, so you can’t get the relationship.

I am sure this type of commitment is not for everyone. But I think it is for everyone who takes that particular vow. As our writer points out, to do otherwise robs the self; I’ll add, it makes the self unreliable.”

General Interest Links

1001 Rules for My Unborn Son. [40] If you haven’t seen this website already, be sure to check it out. The author posts short rules he plans on teaching his son. Gotta love any list that includes “Carry two handkerchiefs.”

Good Leadership [41] (@Cowboy Bob’s Western Values) Cowboy Bob’s blog tries to glean insights for the modern man from the cowboy mythology of movies and folklore. In this post he discusses some leadership lessons that can be learned from watching the film, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.

For Dad: 10 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas [42] (@Building Camelot). Father’s Day is next weekend and if you need some ideas about what to get dear old dad, check out this post. I love that he lists the new Verizon Mi-Fi. I just got one, and it is sa-sweet. I drove across the country this week and had Internet the whole way, allowing me to continue posting on AoM. If you don’t have any dough to get Dad a gift, you should enter a contest [43] Tyler is also running where if you leave a comment about your favorite memory of your dad working on a DIY project, you’re entered to win a $100 Home Depot Gift Card.