| May 16, 2009

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The Art of Manliness Weekly Roundup: Graduated Law School Edition

It’s finally done. After three long years, I graduated from law school last Saturday. It feels downright euphoric to be done with school,although I’m still having a hard time believing that I won’t be going back to class next fall. It’s just weird. But I’m certainly ready to start the next phase of my life.

Now for some links:

The New Old Spice Store. Old Spice, which not only makes the manliest smelling men’s deodorants, cologne, and bath products, but was also kind enough to sponsor our Man of the Year contest last year, has launched an online store. Within the store you’ll find Old Spice t-shirts, hats, belts, flasks, and other accessories. And Old Spice has been kind enough to give AoM readers a 20% discount on anything in the store from now until June 6. Just enter the code “manly” when you check out.

Commentary: Man up and be a real dad. (@cnn). In this op-ed piece for CNN, Roland Martin decries the failure of manhood and fatherhood in America, and traces a variety of society’s ills to the lack of loving fathers raising their sons to be great men. Gotta love any article that ends with “It’s time for men to man up.” (Hat tip: Brian H.)

Letter from the editor (@beard revue). Michael Buchino loves beards. So much so that he runs a site called Beard Revue. And he had been growing his 4 inch beard for 3 years and 8 months. But this week he shaved his beard off in order to experience the exquisite pleasure of a straight razor shave. Every man must have this experience at least once in his life and in this post Mr. Buchino explains why. One might fear that removing the beard of the man behind a site called Beard Revue might have a Samson-like affect on his strength, but luckily Mr. Buchino is now rocking a mustache that would make John L. Sullivan proud. Here’s hoping he adds Portland’s Rook’s Barbershop, the place where he experienced this most manly ritual, to our barbershop locator.

Around the Community This Week

On the Manly Art of Coffee Group, Jeff Sandstrom started a discussion about one’s favorite way to brew a cup of joe. Is the French Press the way to go?

In the Growing in Manliness Group, Todd Serveto started a discussion about how to start one’s journey to greater masculinity. The comments have been discussing the idea of an initiation rite as integral to becoming a man, and Will has shared his experience with the Mankind Project.

The huhman has posed the question, “What do YOU do when it’s all too much?” in the Family Man Group. Being  a husband and father can be rough; you’re supposed to be the rock, so where do you turn when you yourself need support?

Shaun Daws continues to make the the Philosopher group one of the liveliest and most interesting in the community. He started by posing 10 important questions that you may want to jump in on:

1. What is Manliness?
2. Is the unexamined life a life worth living?
3. Does the job make the man?
4. Are all men really created equal?
5. Is it morally defensible to fight in a war?
6. Is our society being desensitized to violent behaviour by television?
7. Is it preferable to be mortal or immortal?
8. Should the Cane be brought back into our schools?
9. What is the path to true happiness?
10. Is it important to pursue a career you’re passionate about?

And now he’s moved on to the BIG questions. Be sure to stop buy and exercise your brain:

1. Is there life after death?

2. Why are we here?

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